Changing this up dramatically
tl;dr: Totally changing how my Patreon works, and not charging people for anything until I figure out what that change means.

I have no idea if patrons receive an email about how I'm changing up this thing from a monthly donation to one per "game artifact." In short, 2015 was a very eyeopening year, one filled with more changes to my life than I expected. So I'm retiring the monthly donation thing, but keeping the doors open on this as a creator account because I have some vague plans.

Emphasis on "vague." The life changes keep coming, and I've learned that I'm the sort of person who doesn't like releasing something half-cocked—even the Katanas & Trenchcoats expansions take a lot more work than they appear. (Making something actually good while looking shoddy is way more work than some of you might think.) That vagueness means I expect patrons to cancel their pledges, or reduce them down for those who want some notification of future posts. After all, who knows if you'll be interested in the next new thing?

I super appreciate your support over the last two years. Folks like you made my wedding last year possible. My prior job in games paid little, with some months having us in the red. Most of the patron money I've received in the last few months went to paying freelancers for work or otherwise supporting other creators, so I figure it's time I cut myself out as a middleman (which just serves to give Patreon more money in twice the fees).

When I figure out what my next thing is that's suitable for Patreon, there'll be more than a month's notice. I'm tempted to make it some sort of periodical or chapbook project, but I haven't decided which. (The idea of using this to fund Katanas & Trenchcoats episodes that would be eventually collected into a print book has occurred to me. Or making and releasing chapters of my Halfling Nations setting.)

Here's to a beneficially interesting 2016, for you and for me.

Please and thank you,