Channel Update, Future Content and Goals
So this year I am setting myself a massive goal. I am want to get to 1K subs, on February I will have been uploading content for a year and I think I have done really well for my first year getting to just under 400 subs, I think my current total is 350 ish. Some future content to look out for in the next month will be the Top Gear challenge we did about a month ago, I thought I had lost it but I have recovered this so I am working on the content for that, I am trying to do it in the style of a Top Gear episode so we will see how that goes. Now that I have got a wheel for my Xbox I am going to be doing a lot of videos about the wheel its self, my set up and the set up with various games. I will also be doing more tuning videos. After some testing I have come to the conclusion that my current tunes don't work great with the wheel and after some research I need to amend my tunes and these will also work on a pad just as good but will work just as good if not better with a wheel. I think the above content will see us through to the March and beyond and then we can get on to some Project Car's videos, I am unsure what level of tuning is in this game but I believe there is some so we will just have to wait and see what they throw at us. As well as all of this I am going to try and stream more content and put it on my channel where I can, this will be for the other games that I play so you guys can see what else is out there. Anyway just a quick one on the plans for the first few months, I want to be uploading around 2-3 videos a week, I will give you all notice now that I have a very busy January a head, I have 11 birthdays mine been one of them. I have got 1 65th, 1 60th, 2 40th's and I turn 30 so lots of parties etc but I will do my best at getting the content out to you all.
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