Channel Update as of Aug 12, 2018
The previous lineup was entertaining to make. However, this sentence is irrelevant. Some people have been saying something about an easter egg. The translation of the following saying remains unknown. Anyway, here the list of things going on so far:

- Plans to make something a on Storyfire. The linking of the Storyfire profile remains for me to solve however.

- Another VR gameplay video is kicking off this week.

- More waifus of gaming, video game classics, and Fuck Your Bullshit are being planned.

- An unannounced project is in the works.

- A gameplay video is being planned as well.

I am striving to make Summer 2018 on the channel to be the funnest ever had for both you and me. Goals for Fall 2018 will be approached with drastic measures for the sake of the YouTube channel.

Thank you for your attention and anticipation.