CHANNEL UPGRADE: TubeBuddy Subscription
Today I was able to purchase a year long subscription to TubeBuddy because of your generosity here on Patreon! TubeBuddy is a browser plugin for YouTube that has a ton of really handy automation features that will save me a lot of time when managing my channel. For example, TubeBuddy can suggest keywords for my videos; I can save and apply templates for quickly adding cards and annotations; and I can bulk edit videos and playlists. That's just scratching the surface of what it can do, but all together, it's going to save me hours each week.

Without your financial support here on Patreon, I probably wouldn't have justified plunking down a chunk of change for the yearly subscription. But since I have some funding from Patreon to invest back into my channel, it made the decision easier. I'm really fortunate to have folks like to help me make upgrades like this possible. Thanks for everything you do!