Channeled Letter 4-11-2018

Patreon Channel.

Dear children, we ask you all to be clear with your intentions.  To do this you need to be more aware of your intention.  Most people are not aware.  You need to look deeper within yourself to find your truth behind what you do or say.  

For instance, If you are kind to someone, are you kind to be kind?  OR, are you kind because you are hoping to gain something by it?  We are not saying that one is right and one is wrong, we are just asking you to be aware of the true intention.  This is the window to who you are.  You will be able to make changes where you feel fit.  Some of what you do, from a subconscious state of mind, is a learned behavior and could be very mechanical, this is not a true reflection of who you truly are.  As you go deeper, you will see what we mean.

You will find a shift within this exercise if you choose to take it on.  Remember, there is no judgement of right or wrong.  No good or bad.  Just awareness. 

We wish you great luck.

Much love and gratitude.

The Council.