The Channel's Direction Moving Forward
Censored Gaming has seen many changes already since starting things, heck, originally I was only putting two video clips together and adding some text to say what version they're from.

With slowly building up an audience, as well as the very occasionally viral attention the channel has gained, I've found my perception of the channel evolve and change many times. For example, I found myself caring about the entertainment value, the overall quality for one not deeply invested in Censored Gaming's philosophy, which then brought about the heavily edited and narrated videos we now produce (still lots of improving to do though) and so on.

But, one change has been troubling me a lot recently. You see, as time went by I also found myself in a position where I felt responsible for fighting back against publishers and the like butchering games. People were starting to treat Censored Gaming like we had a voice instead of just being some kind of encyclopaedia for facts and reacting positively. Now I think somebody doing exactly this is a great and very important thing. So, inspired by this thought, I started to shakily add a more editorialised style to things every now and again. It would take some time getting used to it and getting it right, but I "could" do this... but, it wouldn't be me.

As much as I'm passionate about our anti-censorship values, I don't want Censored Gaming to revolve around me. I'm just not that kind of person.

Although, tbh, a lot of what I'm talking about is more along the lines of my mentality and thoughts for the future instead of what we have been doing already. I was speaking about things like analysing upcoming games and the likelihood of censorship, well, I wouldn't feel right doing that either, especially once we're even bigger than we are - that stuff whilst based on fact, isn't fact and especially for entire videos based around the concept. That's the differentiation. When it's not just straight up facts, it starts to become about "me" again.

It's not just this though, I think that perhaps a "true" "definite resource" should be completely free of any kind of personal spin other than the occasional "censorship is bad" side comment sort of thing.

So anyway, things are basically not really changing much as it's not been that much of an issue so far but, you can view this as a commitment towards this way of thinking.

Well, things are gonna change of course - everything is always improving and there are tons of new types of videos that I wanna start doing occasionally and I know you'll love. For starters, I'm really interested in pursuing interviews with interesting people but keeping it about just what they are saying and nothing else.

Whilst the focus will always be new acts of censorship and then old acts of censorship (it will be years and years before everything is covered), every now and again, I think we should do some other things. Another thing I have planned is something called "Censorship Heroes/Villians". This will be comparable to the videos about games but be about key people instead - so, folks like Jack Thompson.

Oh and one other thing. What what do you think about the name "Censored Anime"? :) Imagine videos about Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, DBZ etc done in the same way as our game ones... hmmm?