Chaos Persona II: Descent Chapter 1 pt.8
They made their way through the hallway as the young men and women passed them by as they headed back down the stairs from where they originally came. Virel was rather excited on his first day, though he had a lot of thought cross his mind, like who these people were, would they accept him, just what are the practical uses of these powers? All those thoughts were soon interrupted as Leon turned to wave Virel down as he stopped next to him.

“Well, looks like this is about where we part ways for now” he said as Virel widened his eyes a moment.

“Wait, uh…” he wanted to say he didn’t want to be left alone with all the strangers, it was one thing when the people he never knew had nothing to do with him at the end of the day, it was another to have to deal with people who were there every single day to cause him a certain level of uncertainty whether it would be joy or grief. Leon couldn’t quite pick that up though on his face a bit confused, so much so that Virel finally decided perhaps it was just him worrying to much.

“Oh uh…never mind” he said as he laughed it off a bit. Leon then put his hand on Virel’s shoulder almost instinctively as a huge grin played on his face.

“Hey don’t worry man, you’ll do just fine. I got to get to my study class for now. Later in the day, we’ll get to meet back up anyway” he said as Virel looked at him a little confused before Leon then nodded a bit.

“Eventually, all of the students in their respective classes are required to work together in teams. That’s always my favorite part” he said as Virel kind of laughed feeling a little more optimistic.

“Alright, I’ll see you then!” he said as Leon then turned waving to him.

Virel smiled as Leon went his merry way before turning back to the door which said “Hunter Class” he stood there for a moment when suddenly, he felt a push on his shoulder which almost threw him off balance. He turned his attention back over to who pushed him to find it none other than Neith himself as he grinned a bit.

“Well, best get yourself situated. I’ll introduce you to the class” he said as he then pushed Virel inside as he stammered trying to comprehend before staring off into a somewhat small room full of people with only a few seats vacant. He scanned the room staring at a colorful cast of people. Neith put his hand on Virel’s shoulder before speaking out to the crowd.

“Alright people, this is Virel Gessenburgh. He’s new here so go easy on him” he chuckled as well as the others as he then looked over his shoulder back to Virel’s face.

“Alright, there’s a seat right there that’s still vacant” he said as he pointed to a seat next to who seemed to be a somewhat older woman at least in comparison to the others. As he wandered his way over next to her, he noted her forest green eyes which contrasted a bit with her pink hair which was tied up in a high knot ponytail, she was fairly thin with a curvy yet modest figure hidden underneath the school outfit, enough to get Virel’s attention at least as he thought to himself maybe today might not be all bad.

He sat down with her as she hummed a little tune to herself seemingly lost in what she’s doing. He couldn’t help but be curious as he turned his attention to her as he noted she was apparently playing with some kind of coarse black powder of some kind wrapping it in a somewhat thick piece of fabric which was giving off a faint glow. He knew the glow immediately, it was the pandora energy that they all seem to be practicing in. He squinted his eyes a bit before one exploded near his feet from ahead as he jumped slightly, eyes widened. He took note of the one that tossed it to him who was of course Neith.

“If you’re curious, that’s a powder bomb that’s condensed and contained in pandoran energy to stall the explosion contained until released, that’ll be one of your assignments” he said as he tilted his head a bit.

“Today is going to be about survival in which using all the items available can be turned into survival tools in the wilds or in urban territory” he said as he then lifted a box from behind a desk that overlooked the class as it lightly slammed into the top of the table with subtle rattling as well. Virel was rather curious now what was going on before he then looked around.

“Alright, who wants to pass these around?” he said as he pulled out what appeared to be a simple handle. Virel was a bit confused a moment before he heard an abrupt exclamation of excitement next to him as the woman next to him threw her arm out.

“I got this Neith!” she shouted over the silence as he grinned a bit.

“Alright Lenus, as always” he said as she hopped up from her seat to lift the box effortlessly.

She walked along the desks passing along hilt after hilt to the students who were not entirely uninterested, some were even a bit excited. It was there, that Virel finally had one of his own that she passed to him with a bit smile on her face.

“You’re gunna have fun with this one” she said as she grinned to him. He itlted his head a bit curiously before looking back at the knife hilt. What was the game behind this he thought. That very question was quickly exponged as soon as he saw one of the students suddenly light up the hilt with energy. He jumped slightly as he stared for a moment as the one holding it, a smaller young man with a grin on his face and a scar running along his lower lip, silver and black hair, golden eyes, fair tan and a playful grin on his face as he flipped the handle about before a blade appeared before him though not perfectly. This was the first time Virel ahd seen anything like that as he looked at the handle then back at Neith who grinned a bit.

“This is something no trainee or pro should go without. Many even keep as much as four or five just to be really safe. It harnesses the raw pandoran energy we manifest into physical matter” he said as he looked at it rather surprised as he attempted to thrust the hilt aside but nothing came out. He titled his head slightly observing the unchanged bladeless hilt as Neith started laughing a bit.

“Of course it takes some practice to get used to” he said as he walked up to Virel as the others started to laugh a bit.

Virel looked around as other people started to form blades of their own. The energy seemed to be of various different colors ranging from blue to green to yellow and even red. He looked back at his own thinking to himself what might his energy color possibly be? He knew he had some kind of aura about him, but he never could see.

“Um…how do I uh…you know” he said as he flicked the hilt ahead of him trying to summon the blade as Neith started to chuckle.

“The hilts combine various reflective metals as well as energy sensitive sensors that pick up the aura that comes from your hand. The only thing you need to focus on is putting your thoughts into shape” he said as Virel looked back at it trying to summon the blade once again but again, to no avail. The kids around him started to laugh as Neith put his hands up.

“Alright, alright. Don’t worry Virel, this isn’t a contest. It’s a place of learning so take the time you need. In fact, Lenus why not help him out a bit?” he asked as she sat down next to him with a huge smile on her face.

“Alright, keep your thoughts on the hilt” she said holding his hands as she looked at him in the eyes. He couldn’t quite help but stare at her for a moment a little red in the face before a sigh passed his lips.

“Alright” he said as she then grinned a little.
”Close those eyes” she said as he titled his head slightly.

“Uh…alright” he said as he did as instructed.

He felt a warmth slowly begin to form within his hands as everyone’s mild chatter slowly started to fade away as she kept her hands over his own.

“Just imagine you’re holding a knife, not a hilt” she said almost as if she was speaking directly into hsi mind as he shot his eyes open. He blinked as the murmuring kept going on as he felt the image of the knife finally begin to appear…at least into his mind. He looked at the handle but only found that nothing really happened yet. She patted his hands as she then grinned a little.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get it soon” she said as he sighed a little bit. A sense of disappointment crossed his mind as he then looked back over to Neith who also grinned a bit even though the other youngsters were having a little chuckle of their own, the white and black haired kid speaking out.

“Man, he can’t even get a knife to appear, you got a ways to go kid” he said as Virel sighed a bit then looked back over.

“Hey, to be fair, this is literally my first time” he said as the other young man laughed.

“Dude, we all picked it up pretty fast our first time” he said as Neith turned his attention back over to him.

“Nero! Relax” he said as the young man scoffed and then leaned back in his chair a bit.

“Alright, alright, just saying that’s kinda new to me” he said as Virel sighed a bit. He then looked back at Lenus who smiled a bit and patted him on the shoulder.
”Don’t worry, I know you’ll pick it up soon” she said, her smile seeming to pass to his face as well.

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