Chaotic Stupid Podcast #2 - August 2015
Hi everyone,

   I've just finished editing and uploading the Youtube version of this month's podcast, with special guest programmer Ryan Juckett. 

Click here for the Youtube version.

   I'll be putting the audio-only version up later today, and you can find that at like last month.

   In a bit of good news, iTunes is now officially listing the Chaotic Stupid Podcast. The first month's audio-only episode is up there now, and the second one will be as soon as I get it uploaded. 

To find it, open iTunes and go to the iTunes store. Then search for "Chaotic Stupid podcast" and it should be listed there!

(If RSS feeds are your thing, here's the link to the RSS feed)

I hope your August went well. Me, personally? I'm glad it's over. Three cheers for September!

Thanks again to everyone for your support, and I'm looking forward to making more things for you next month.


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