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Remember you can catch all of Mercy's adventures at Call it scifi, retrofuture, strong female character, scifi-western or what you will, you'll find the full range in Mercy's world.
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The Bounty Hunter's Salute!

Thanks and honorary 23rd Century Bounty Hunter License to you for contributing to the Trekker cause!
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Behind the scenes Process Posts!

Each week I'll post exclusively to a "Patreons-only" site the complete set of steps in that day's page: thumbnails, pencils, inks, flats and finished colors along with comments from me on some aspect of creating Trekker stories-- thoughts on building characters, the craft of inking, what I've discovered this week about color, you name it. Plus, I'll post additional exclusive images there: sketches, pages-in-progress and finished art. Guaranteed to be worth the price of admission!
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Free PDF Downloads of EVERY Trekker story!

I have lovingly bundled each and every Trekker story into its own handy, user-friendly PDF for your free downloading! If you are going to experience Trekker digitally, this is the way to go! Plus-- I've used digital watercolor to completely recolor many of the covers, bringing a new range of tone beyond even that which we presented in the Trekker Omnibus. Obsessive? Perhaps-- but I wanted to gussy-up these stories as much as I could for this new digital presentation. AND EVEN MORE PLUS-- and exclusive, never-before printed, full-color cover originally intended  for Trekker #6 is included in this PDF collection. From the debut story (both in the original B&W and in the recently-colored version) through to the "Avalon Bay" story-- 11 complete full-length stories plus two short extras. And as each succeeding stroy is completed and readied for print, I'll be adding it to the PDF list as well. That's a lot of book for your bucks!
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