Chapter 1.1 - Night of Blood
Shigeru could remember the Night of Blood. According to the Historian Rekishi, a Grandmaster from Hokkaido, the Shadow Emperor Kageru, an Indigo Tier Evolution had been crushed to death and was amongst the first few Evolutions who had perished during the Night.

The Underworld God had approached Osaka Stronghold in Sasayama, and four Violet Tier Evolutions - Wind Demigod Kaze, Lantern Demigod Hinota, Moon Demigoddess Tsuki and Admiral Funeka attempted to defend Japan's #3 Stronghold and 400,000 Humans.

However, the Underworld God was a Beast Evolution that surpassed the Violet Tier, something which the Historian Rekishi nicknamed the Ultraviolet Tier. It wasn't something that could be stopped with four Violet Tiers. 

The Violet Tier Evolutions were defeated one after another and soon the Osaka Stronghold was defenceless. The Humans were evacuating, but from 398,420 Humans, an estimated 2,800 managed to flee to other Settlements.

Later, the Underworld God would turn towards Korea, attacking and destroying Busan and Seoul Strongholds. The Shanghai Stronghold from China sacrificed twenty Violet Tier Evolutions to battle it before it was drowned under the South China Sea. 

4 Violet Tier Evolutions from Osaka Stronghold, 7 Violet Tier Evolutions from Seoul and Busan Strongholds, and 20 Demigods from the Shanghai Stronghold. 31 Demigods perished altogether.

Shigeru had been in Hokkaido Stronghold and had heard it over the Newsradio. As an Orange Tier Evolution, not to mention the untouchable Violet Tier which was the best of the Humankind, even Indigo Tiers was something he had to worship.

The Underworld God had been spread to many Strongholds across the Earth and on every Stronghold Channel the spokesperson was talking about this horrifying monster. No Violet Tiers had perished from external means before.

According to an Indigo Tier Survivor, the Underworld God hadn't been unknown before. Amongst the Emperors, rumours had been spread of an untouchable existence in Osaka Business Park. It must have been hibernating and had awakened because it was starving.

God, Shigeru was frightened. The Underworld God was explained to have been one King Cobra that had found residence in Osaka City. However, even with such knowledge, Shigeru couldn't help but shiver. Even if most Beasts had perished when the Apocalypse occured, what if one bear survived, or... a shark or octopus?

If one King Cobra could turn into an Underworld God, what about the fearsome birds that preyed on it?