Chapter 1 Cover REDUX
Ho, today's update was a couple hours late today - sorry! Today I wanted to show you the redone cover I did for Chapter 1. Yes, already, I know - I've only just finished the first chapter and I'm already reworking things. I promise I won't make a habit of it! But hey, onto the important part of today's post! For next week's update, Brent, Orrig, Thistle, and Lyra will be ANSWERING READER QUESTIONS! If you have a question (already? what?) that you would like to see any of the cast to answer, leave a comment below, along with the name of the character the question is for. Your question will be answered (IN COMIC FORM WOW) by the character you've addressed. SO EXCITING. (Preference will be given to questions asked by Patrons! Thanks, guys!)
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