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Chapter 1: On the Run
Bianca was supposed to attend art school in Chicago, not run for her life from Hunters. The only chance she has to survive is to find The Purple Door District, a safe haven for a parahuman like herself. When she stumbles upon a magus named Gladus and a fellow avian named Carlos, she thinks she's found safety. But the Hunters are relentless, as is the dark force driving them. Vampire, werewolf, avian, magus...It's up to the parahumans of the Purple Door District of Chicago to put their differences aside to save Bianca and stop a dark threat from destroying their peaceful community. 


Can you believe it? It's release day for the first chapter of The Purple Door District. 

You can read it here or download the attached file. 

I intend to release one chapter each month until the story is complete (possibly taking a break with another short story if needed). 

Please feel free to share my patreon page with your friends! I really appreciate all of the support, and I hope you enjoy this urban fantasy novella! 

Keep an eye out for Chapter 2, which will appear on February 15th. 

There will also be a special audio version of my short story "Gossamer" released on February 28th that you'll get to listen to for free! Double the fun in February! 

Happy reading! 

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