Chapter 1: Page 3 Preview II
I really wanted to have page 3 ready for my Patrons by today so I could give it to you guys a little earlier than the scheduled Monday update. Unfortunately it's been a pretty hectic week, with my Partner in hospital for a few days. She came home today, and is doing just fine, but as a result I'm a little behind schedule. It doesn't help that, although I had many of these pages prepared in advance of the comic launch, each time I get ready to publish them I can't help but find new inspiration and suddenly want to remake them with more animation, more sound, more everything! :D So each page gets a fair amount of extra sprucing before they go live. In the case of Page 3, it's pretty much being remade entirely, but I'm a lot happier with my new idea and so I'm just gonna go with it. If I finish it early, over the weekend, i'll post it here first. For this Friday's update, I give you another little smattering of teaser images. Enjoy!