Chapter 1 - This is the Monterey Peninsula

I am so pleased to share with you a finished video that will be the first chapter of RVing the Monterey Peninsula. One of the things that is so fantastic about the Monterey Peninsula is that there are eight cities that make up its core that are all joined together but are unique in their own right. Visitors who come here often don't get that and are confused about exactly what city they're in. After the standard intro on RVing the Monterey Peninsula DVD this will be the very first chapter... And it explains not only the core cities, but their cities we will be covering in the DVD. 99% of the entire DVD has already been filmed by the way so we are just putting it all together as a story. As a filmmaker, the first order of business is the conception of the story, and the next step is, how am I going to present the story in an interesting and informative way. I spent many hours on my first concept which was essentially to have models of the Cities individualized and then coming together as one Monterey Peninsula. After many hours and an incredible number of days of working on this concept, I had to come to a point where I admitted it didn't work, and through all of that production onto The Cutting Room floor as they say and started all over with A New Concept. Just 5 years ago, Google gave us the use of Google Earth Pro which allows us 2 create tours and record them as a video and I love it. It is like being able to fly in a helicopter over any area you want. So I created that film of Google Earth Pro for the Monterey Peninsula and surrounding area and then overlaid our videos and Pamela’s stills on top of them for each area. We have remixed the sound, used color grading and color correction to make it pop as good as possible...often having to film in foggy weather. Now I share with you “Chapter One - This is the Monterey Peninsula”… more in-depth stories on each one of these areas and things to see and do will of course follow in ensuing chapters. This video will only be seen by our Patreon members until the release of the DVD... Thank you so much for supporting us and I hope you like what we have... Your feedback is always really appreciated.

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