Chapter 105 - Look, Mommy! That Uncle is Glowing!

At the bottom of a slope, Shuge and a few other men who had been  stripped to their underwear had finally come to their senses. They sat  up groaning groggily, and looked around. When they saw each other's  appearance, however, they quickly regained their clarity as they gasped  in shock. 

Their faces turned immediately red, not from shame, but with rage! 

They haven't even seen their target, but had already fallen into  the trap of the other. They had even been stripped of their clothes and  thrown to the bottom of a cliff! They were so angry that fumes were  practically spouting out of their noses. 

"Ah! My head hurts! Which bastard hit me so hard?!" 

The fellow whose head had been smashed against the door frame  cursed angrily as he felt a ginormous bulge the size of a child's fist  on the back of his head. 

Shuge also felt an incredible stinging sensation on his back.  Turning around, he saw countless maggots squirming about in his skin! 

The terrifying Shuge who often sent shivers down the backs of  others just by his default face suddenly screamed like a little girl,  sending all the birds and beasts in the area fleeing. 

"Captain, what should we do now?" A man with cruel face growled ferociously. He could not swallow this matter no matter what! 

"Go back first! We have to recover from our wounds for now. This  vengeance... I swear that if I don't take it, I won't be a human!" 

Shuge was like a vengeful spirit who had just crawled out of  hell. His tone was so dangerous that it sent a shiver down the backs of  the men around him. 

With much effort, the group climbed back up the slope, arriving at the main road. 

"D*mnit, I already said that we shouldn't have come so far out to  play. Look at this place. Apart from mountains, there's still only  mountains. This is still not as good as us spending a night at an  internet cafe." 

Yeping grumbled from the back of the car. 

"Give it a rest. It's also good to come out once in a while. It's good for your body." 

A more optimistic voice sounded. 

"It's a pity that we don't have a couple of pretty chicks with us," a square-framed spectacled man laughed. 

The group laughed in a carefree manner as they proceeded.  Suddenly, Yeping pointed to the front. "Eldest Bro, there's some people  in front!" 


Luo Jia narrowed his eyes as he looked to the front and hurriedly stepped on the brakes. 

The more unprepared guys in the back were slammed forward, their faces smashing into the front seat. Luckily, no one was hurt. 

"F*ck your mum! Are you guys stupid? If your Daddy I did not react fast enough, you'd all be run over by now!" 

Luo Jia was both tall and muscular. Furthermore, he possessed a  fiery temper. As soon as he got out of the car, he began to point at and  scold Shuge and the rest aggressively. 

"D*mned f*ckers! Are they trying to play out some kind of accident scam?!" 

"Wow, this brother, you guys are really impressive! Could it be  that you've already taken your clothes off so that you can tell the  police that you've been hit by our car until even your clothes were  gone? Hah!" 

The other guys had also gotten off the car and were sneering at the condition of Shuge's group. 

They were all boisterous young men and their numbers were not  less than Shuge's group's. Naturally, they were not afraid of them. The  moment they got out of the car, the began to scoff at and provoke the  other. 

Shuge and the rest did not even bother to reply. He simply moved  up and using the edge of his hand in a chopping motion, he struck the  group of youngsters unconscious. Then, the group quickly got dressed and  took off in the car. 


"Ding! The ability, curse of the Fox of Natural and Human  Calamity, has been neutralized. Host is now immune to the innate ability  of the Fox of Natural and Human Calamity!" 

The monotone robotic voice of the System sounded like the most  beautiful tune in the world in the ears of the wretched Bei Feng. He  finally managed to put down the heavy stone in his heart.  

He didn't dare to guarantee that he would be this lucky if the curse persisted for any longer! 

If perhaps something like a meteorite were to drop down from the sky and kill him directly, that would be a real tragedy... 

Bei Feng clearly felt that a veil which had been shrouding him  since yesterday had vanished. His mental powers were fully restored, and  he could perceive even the grass swaying in the wind again. 

"No wonder I wasn't alerted to the fire last night! So there was something shrouding my perception?" 

A great joy sprung up in his heart as he immersed himself in the  wonderful state of having his mental powers restored. In that moment,  his range of perception began to increase as his mental power rose like a  ship rising with the tide! 

Suddenly, Bei Feng felt like he had rushed past a certain barrier and entered a completely new realm! 

"Minor Illumination Breathing Technique's Grand Completion!" 

Bei Feng felt like a person looking on from the outside as he  observed the changes in his body. More accurately, what he observed were  the changes in his mental power! 

As compared to his previous state, his mental power was now more  viscous. If his mental power could be previously compared to water, it  was now comparable to mercury at least! 

It was also an entire level higher in terms of quantity. Most  importantly, he could now project his mental power outside of his body! 

Although it was not at the level of being able to interfere with other matter, it was already strong enough! [1] 

Furthermore, the benefits of his leveled-up mental power were not  only limited to this. Mental Power, Qi and Spirit were closely  intertwined with each other to make up the body. The strengthening of  Mental Power would also result in the strengthening of the body! The  most distinct was the improvement in the control one had of their body. 

Under the observation of his bountiful mental power, Bei Feng  could find even the minute hidden injuries within his body, and thus did  not need to worry about leaving any repercussions in the future  anymore. 

"Mommy, that uncle has been standing there for over half an hour already! Isn't he afraid of the heat?" 

A cute little girl asked curiously as she tugged at her mother's hand, wanting to move closer for a look. 

About half an hour ago, the mother and daughter duo had passed by  this spot and saw Bei Feng. Now, after finishing their groceries  shopping, they still saw him as they passed, standing there motionlessly  with his arms in the air and a queer smile on his face.  

"Yaya, that weird uncle is not scared of the heat, but we are. Let's hurry up and go!" 

The woman casted a strange sideway glance at Bei Feng as she pulled the loli along. 

"Now that the city is growing bigger, all kinds of people are  appearing. Who knows if it's not some crazed fellow with mental issues?  It's fine if he continued standing there, but if he made a sudden  move... it's fine if I'm hurt, but what will I do if Yaya was injured!"  The woman muttered under her breath as she hurried along. From the way  she saw it, there's no way a sane person would stand under the blazing  sun like that for so long. 

It was already high noon and the sun was shining at its peak.  There were only a few people at the park, and they were mostly playing  or relaxing in the shade. 

"Huu, huu!" 

Bei Feng released a powerful breath which sounded like a leaf  blower. His eyes snapped open and a bright light shone within his  pupils, as though it were about to shoot out of his eyes! 

With every breath he took and released, a golden ray which was as  thick as an infant's arm would hit the top of his head like an arrow,  merging with his body. 

The moment the golden ray entered his body, it would scorch Bei  Feng's blood and flesh as it circulated within his body. The first rays  of the sun, when compared to this golden ray, were like a gentle and  meek lamb! 

Even Extreme Arctic Frost did not dare to release any Frost Qi as it hid within his Dantian quietly. 

'Hm? Are my eyes dazed from all the reading? As expected, one should not spend too much effort studying...' 

A youth who was sitting on a bench nearby rubbed his eyes lazily  as he looked up from his book. Perhaps because he had rubbed his eyes  too hard, he seemed to have become slightly dazed. It had to be so, for  he seemed to have seen a ray of light fall down from the sky and be  absorbed into a person's body. He closed his eyes and massaged his  temples. As expected, when he looked up again, there wasn't even anyone  standing at the spot where he was looking a second ago. 'It must have  been a hallucination,' he concluded as he put the book away. 

A faint golden glow was now radiating from Bei Feng's body, one which even his powerful body could not contain! 

"Look, Mommy, that Uncle is glowing!" 

The little girl turned around and looked at the weird uncle with wide eyes as she tugged on her mother's hand. 

"Silly girl, that uncle had left long ago!" The woman squatted  down and rubbed the little girl on the head as she pointed at the empty  spot. 

"Eh? How come there's no one?" 

As she looked over again, the spot where the weird uncle was  standing at a while ago was indeed empty. But where was the weird uncle?  She had definitely seen him just a moment ago! 

The little girl stared wide-eyed at the empty spot and looked  around the park with puzzlement written all over her face. She looked  exceptionally cute in her confusion. 

The moment the golden ray entered his body, Bei Feng immediately  fled from the park. Earlier, he was just channeling the Minor  Illumination Breathing Technique passively, but who would have thought  that he would attract such a huge sunray?! 

The moment he heard the little girl's scream, he had shot off in a  hurry. Luckily, there weren't many people in the park at this time.  Otherwise, he would certainly become the subject of tomorrow's  headlines! 

A scorching heat emanated from within him, causing waves of steam to radiate from every part of his body! 


Bei Feng tossed away the jacket on his body and jumped into a  lake near the park. The icy lake water washed over him, causing him to  feel much better in an instant. But within a few seconds, the searing  sensation appeared on his body once again, causing his skin to turn red  like a boiled lobster as he floated within the water. 

[1] ED/N: Think stuff like ESP and telekinesis.