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Chapter 13 Released
Finally! Chapter 13 is out! Check it out at

In the end it took me 11 days, far more than I wanted. A couple firsts in this chapter:

  • Longest chapter at 9250 words.
  • Took the longest to write, but 6000 words of it was written just last night.
  • First chapter to focus solely on a single character's perspective (Selka)
  • First chapter to explain several open questions about Selka's past
  • First chapter involving a King.

Some of the delays were due to personal reasons, but one of the difficulties that was hardest was coming up with the details of Earlemont, Esturia, and its overall place in the world. You will get a lot more details about that in this chapter.

Last, but definitely not least, how about this art? Zaina Isard did this rendering of Selka in less than 24 hours, and I am absolutely blown away. In love, even. Not bad for someone who is self-taught.

Check her out at 

She's new and up and coming, and definitely one to watch.

As for Iorneste, as always, thanks for reading. We'll get back to his story next week.