Chapter 131 - Return (2)

Angele’s plan was to board a ship at the dock and return to his homeland using the route initially used when he came here. His combat style was quite disparate from other Wizards because he started as a top-level Knight and he had advantages in close combat. He did not need many offensive spells due to his strong physical attacks.

Most of the offensive spells needed various supporting materials, and the ones Angele learned, including his Talent Spell, did not have any specific requirement.

He had no idea how other Wizards fought and he was not sure if his physical attacks would be effective when trying to break Wizards’ forcefields, but at least he did not have to collect a lot of materials.

Angele had read about close combat Wizards in records, but they still needed to cast spells to enhance their physical attacks. Angele’s Talent Spell, Metal Mastery, could help him release the true power of Metal Spells. It was a special spell he created with the help of Zero and other Wizards would not be able to copy it.

Angele started studying new spells on his way to the dock. He purchased a lot of spell models in the school and had many spells stored in Zero’s storage. Although most of the spells were not in the Wind or Fire category, he still learned a lot of basics.

Angele’s Talent Spell was strong, increasing both his physical and magical defense, but it was not perfect. There were Wizards with Talent Spells that specialized in either physical or magical defense, such spells were stronger when dealing with a certain type of attack.

For that, Angele wanted to develop a more effective battle style. He was trying to search for suitable spells in the storage and enhance them with the help of Zero.


Angele rented a carriage from a town he passed by. He sat inside it with his eyebrows furrowed. He was organizing the spell data.

‘My Mentality already reached 21 units, and I have about 21 Mana before casting any spell. However, I didn’t expect a level 1 spell to cost me 4 units of mentality, which basically means I can only cast up to five spells. I’ll faint after my Mentality is empty. So that’s why most Wizards merely control energy particles to fight, as they don’t have enough mentality to keep casting spells. Benedict could cast a bunch of level 0 spells and he also used several enchanted items. He must have spent a long time finding ways to increase his Mentality.’ Angele put his hands on the table in the middle of the carriage and kept thinking.

‘Level 1 spells are strong, but they cost too much mentality and mana. I should store one spell into the chip and cast it instantly when necessary.’ It seemed that Angele had figured out a way.

‘Zero, how many Fire offensive spells did I learn?’ he questioned.

‘Two spells found.’

‘1. Lesser Fireball: Attack enemy with a ranged fireball.

2. Evaporate: Drain water from the opponent’s body and damage the opponent with high-temperature steam.’ Zero immediately reported.

These were two of the spells Angele purchased from the school. He finished learning them not so long ago with the help of Zero.

‘Simulate the spell model of Lesser Fireball and show me its power level in the standard unit.’

It took only several seconds for the chip to do the simulation.

‘Simulation finished. Lesser Fireball, it can deal 20 to 25 degrees of damage. Effective range, 5 meters. Cost, 4 Mentality and 4 Mana.’

Angele’s glowing heart’s flame strike could deal about 12 degrees of damage, while his physical attack could deal about 20 degrees of damage.

This level 1 spell could deal more than 20 degrees of damage within a radius of 2.5 meters, and it was like Angele dealing area damage with his physical attacks.

Also, Lesser Fireball was a general spell model and its power came from its explosive and burning damage. However, most of the top-level Knights would not be able to survive the attack if they were caught within the range. It was same as being attacked by many mid-level Knights at the same time.

Grand Knights might be able to handle such damage if the white light barrier around their body had magic resistance.

‘Can you enhance its damage?’

‘Damage boost is possible. It can be increased to 32 to 39 degrees. Mentality cost will be increased to 6 and mana cost will be increased to 4. Estimated time, 4 days,’ Zero reported.

‘Create the task, start the enhancement right away,’ Angele ordered.

‘Task created. Enhancing…’

‘Also, show me my Metal Mastery spell’s defense data and do the simulation for it as well.’

‘Simulating… Metal Mastery (Force Field): Physical resistance, 19 degrees. Magic resistance, 14 degrees. Lower the damage of spells that focus either physical or magic defense.’

Angele’s expression changed.

‘What’s the average resistance of other defensive spells?’

‘Spells focused on physical resistance can handle 25 degrees of damage, while spells focused on magic resistance can handle 25 degrees of damage.’

There was one way to improve the resistance of the force field. Angele had found it before he decided to choose it as his Talent Spell. He needed to find certain types of metals and absorb those materials.

He absorbed the claw from the Claw Warrior, causing an increase in his magic resistance. If he could find better materials in the future, he would be able to increase his resistance very fast.

‘I’m on a trip anyway. I shall try to find suitable metals and absorb them.’ Angele planned.

‘Create the task, simulate a battle between me and an average Wizard of my level. Show me the probability of achieving victory after.’

Zero started simulating immediately. It took the chip about 10 minutes to show Angele the result.

‘Probability of achieving victory, 73.15%.’

Angele was not surprised. He had the chip to assist him during battles. Moreover, he could cast one or two spells instantly. An average Wizard would never expect such surprise attack. The spell he stored could be cast faster than activating enchanted items.

However, the winning probability was merely a number. Things changed unpredictably fast in actual battles.

Angele enjoyed fighting. He could think quicker and act faster during the battles. Winning fights gave him the feeling of accomplishment.

Wizards usually fought passively, and most of them spend their time guarding the school they signed the contract with.

Angele shook his head and stopped thinking. He looked at the wooden table. There were two quivers of metal arrows and a metal longbow on it. Below the table, there was a full suit of black metal armor.

Angele prepared those before leaving the city with the help of Tinos and Harland. The arrows and the suit were crafted with the best materials they could find. Angele could not absorb them all together at once, so he decided to keep them in the carriage for now.


In the evening.

A campfire was blazing in the dark forest, brightening up its surrounding area.

Three people were sitting by the campfire with their legs crossed.

One of them looked old. He was wearing a black robe and his hair was white. The man had his eyes closed. He was meditating.

The other two were in their mid-twenties. The young man was wearing a gray robe, and the woman had a branch in her hand playing with the flame.

The young man was reading a book carefully.

After several minutes, the woman put down the branch and looked at the old man.

“Master Maryland, how long do we have to wait? We stayed here the whole day. I wonder if he went a different route?”

The old man opened his eyes slowly and shook his head.

“No, this is the shortest route to the dock, so he’ll choose it for sure,” Maryland stopped for a second and continued, “I’m not under the orders of the school. Under the pressure of Liliana, my family is not seeking vengeance, but… Adele was my only grandson and he died for nothing! I can’t just let him go, I just can’t.”

He turned around and looked at the two Wizard apprentices.

“You don’t have to help me.”

“Master, you’ve helped us a lot in school. We can’t let you face him alone,” the male Wizard apprentice put down his book, and he spoke respectfully.

“Also, we reached rank 3 a long time ago. We might find some rare materials from his body.”

“Thanks.” Maryland looked happy.

“Only those who choose to help me when I’m in trouble are my true followers.” He smiled.

“It’s our pleasure to assist you.” The two Wizard apprentices lowered their heads and bowed.

“Angele just became a formal Wizard, so he has no time to learn spells. I think he doesn’t even know how to modify spell models. I can take him on easily.” Maryland looked relaxed.

“No matter how talented he is, he needs at least one year to master a level 1 offensive spell, so Angele will fight with level 0 spells. He doesn’t even stand a chance against me. After this is finished, I’ll take you two to another better organization.”

“But Master, I heard his talent level was 2, yet it only took him three years to break the limit. He must have some special power,” the female Wizard apprentice interrupted.

“We should keep his body and dissect him. I’m sure he’s hiding some secrets.”

“Good idea.” Maryland nodded.

“I’ll keep his body in one piece.”

Maryland raised his right hand and spoke slowly, “In the war against Northland Alliance, I slew more than ten rank 3 Wizard apprentices and two enemy Wizards. Liliana really thinks this kid is more valuable than me? I’ll let her know how stupid her decision is!”

Intense white light started coming out of his eyes.