Chapter 199 - Form and Will Fist Manual
Bei Feng was very pleasantly surprised. This bit of essence blood was actually so useful in raising his own strength! Strangely, this phenomenon had not appeared previously.

'Could it be that this is a result of yesterday's events?'

No matter how he thought, this seemed to be the only plausible explanation.

Bei Feng felt that this was actually a very good thing for him. How much blood and essence was contained in that huge Celestial Snow Ridge Eagle's wing? If he could refine all of it, his own cultivation would surely soar rapidly.

Bei Feng returned to the room, just as a Daoist disciple was bringing a bowl of clear porridge in.

The clear porridge looked rather appetizing. The soup looked faintly green, and a single piece of leaf floated atop it

The aroma from the porridge quickly flowed into the room, and Bei Feng could not resist picking up a spoon and taking a sip of the soup.

Layers of herbal fragrance spread through his tongue. There was no bitterness which one would often associate with herbal soups and tonics; in contrast, there was a trace of light sweetness in the soup, which was especially refreshing.

The broth of the porridge was made with different kinds of precious herbs, cooked in a strict sequence to merge their essence and taste together perfectly. A sip of this soup gave one a feeling of having flowers blooming continuously in their mouth!

Upon ingestion, warmth spread through his entire body as the medicinal energy melted forth. The energy was delivered to all the cells in his body and quickly gobbled up, causing them to become slightly stronger.

"So even herbal soup can taste so delicious!"

Bei Feng sighed as he put down the empty bowl.

This bowl of porridge probably had an extremely shocking price tag that would even shock multimillionaires!

Any random ingredient used to make the herbal soup would surely fetch a price large enough to smash anyone to death if it were taken to the marketplace.

Several of the ingredients were even on the level of spirit herbs, and were only successfully found or grown after countless trials and errors.

After breakfast, Danxia Zi came back to the room and returned the original Form and Will Fist manual to Bei Feng. In addition, he passed a small bottle filled with four Dragon Tiger Pills to him.

Bei Feng did not stand on ceremony with him and directly kept the bottle. Although Mystic One and the rest were slightly stronger as compared to regular people, they could only be considered to have barely stepped through the doors of martial cultivation. At the most, they could only be compared to peak Light Jing practitioners.

Apart from that, a proper relationship was based on the principles of give and take. Him allowing Mount Longhu to make a copy of the Form and Will Fist manual and them compensating him with four Dragon Tiger Pills may look like a simple business transaction, but it actually represented drawing a step closer towards a good relationship between the two sides!

At this moment, Mystic Four and the rest were still recuperating in bed, along with Su Bai's group.

After passing the Form and Will Fist manual and the Dragon Tiger Pills to Bei Feng, Danxia Zi immediately left. Witnessing Bei Feng's achievements had caused him a great amount of shock and agitation. He'd decided to retire from his position as the abbot temporarily to focus on his cultivation. Currently, he still needed to hand over his duties, keeping him busy beyond comparison.

As for Bei Feng, he'd begun reading the Form and Will Fist manual. The manual was rather aged, and its pages were yellowed. However, it was still in excellent condition and there wasn't any visible damage to it.

Some said that the Form and Will Fist was created by Ji Jike, while some claimed that it came from Yue Fei. [1] But in reality, the martial technique had come from an even earlier period!

Form and Will Fist manual, also known as Xingyiquan, was created based on the hunting movements of twelve types of animals, mimicking them.

Bei Feng flipped the manual open with his eyes gleaming with expectation. But as the cover page fell open, his jaws dropped slack as he stared dumbly at the manual.

Bei Feng wanted to curse aloud as he looked at the squiggly characters on the manual. The words were completely foreign to him!

He stared at it for a long time, but still could not recognize the words. This was the first time he'd ever seen this sort of characters. The present-day version of ancient scripts he'd read was at most in Lishu, the archaic style of Chinese calligraphy. There were even explanatory annotations to guide the readers.

"Is this the oracle bone script? Or the large scale scripts?!"

Bei Feng wondered aloud as he looked at the squiggly characters.

"How true it is that knowledge is never enough when most needed. Without experiencing certain things first-hand, it is impossible to know how difficult it is!"

Bei Feng sighed lightly as he shook his head. But as he did so, he thought of the System. Since it had the ability to translate the languages of the Myriad Worlds, what about the languages of this world?

Thinking that he should at least give it a try, Bei Feng probed lightly with his mind. "System, please translate this Form and Will Fist manual."

"Ding! 10,000 experience points required! Confirm translation?"

The monotonous voice's words came as a complete surprise to Bei Feng this time.

"Why is it so expensive! You black-hearted system!" Bei Feng answered with disbelief. 10,000 points just to translate a book? Did it think that experience points were something he picked up on the streets?

"This Fist manual is a high-grade martial technique of this world, and is almost a divine martial technique!"

That simple response was enough to make Bei Feng change his decision and allow the System to begin with the translation without hesitation.

As he watched his experience points drop to four digits, Bei Feng could not help but sigh repeatedly. The amount of experience points he had was really too little for his spending. At this rate, the distance to his next advancement could not even be seen!

The Form and Will Fist manual in his hands glowed lightly and turned into a ray of light, shooting into Bei Feng's head. As for the cover, it turned into dust and disappeared.

Bei Feng stood rooted at the spot, as if he'd fallen asleep. At this moment, a large amount of information was transmitted into his head!

The thin manual might not have contained many words, but each word of that language held a multitude of meanings! Every read through would give one a new understanding of the same text!

After a long time, Bei Feng spat out a breath of turbid air. The breath was as sharp as a sword, directly shooting out for over three meters, not dissipating for a long time!

'This language is indeed broad and profound. Perhaps only the ancient hieroglyphs can fully record the meaning in it?'

Bei Feng opened his eyes slowly. His entire head was throbbing and it felt slightly swollen.

The ancient hieroglyphs were created a few thousand years ago. According to the legends, it was created by Cangjie. Cangjie was a legendary character known as the ancestor of the written language. He was the master of ink and brush of the ancient times!

'This won't do. I need to prioritize my time on things that I really need to do. Only then can I keep moving forward and advance swiftly!'

Bei Feng suddenly came to an understanding. His path was currently too diverse and the things he was learning were too disorganized!

Alchemy may be a Great Dao, but it required too much time. Even the knowledge required of a Pill Apprentice needed a large amount of time to grasp!

Ultimately, this would affect his achievements in the martial dao! Right now, the only thing he needed to do was to try to break through to an even higher realm. He could always come back to these secondary paths to temper himself when he encountered a bottleneck in his cultivation.

As soon as he understood this, Bei Feng felt his spirit lighten considerably. Even the throbbing headache was lessened significantly.

'Although alchemy is a good profession, it's something that will only bring me more harm instead of benefit if I practice it right now. The advantage gained from mastering it cannot match up to the grounds I would lose in cultivation. Looks like it's time to start grooming Mystic Four and the others.'

Bei Feng thought for a while and decided to pass the alchemy knowledge to Mystic Four and the rest. Other than that, it was also time to raise their cultivation. Right now, they were still far from achieving some decent grade of power!

Right now, he still had to personally handle every small issue. Apart from being able to help him with some daily miscellaneous matters, they were practically useless.

'Looks like I'll have to let them undergo a training schedule that they'll never forget for the rest of their lives after we get back.'

The corner of Bei Feng's mouth curled up in a sly smirk, as though he'd thought of some very fun ideas.

Having cleared his mind, he did not hesitate any further. Bei Feng sat down and assumed a cross-legged position as he went through the Form and Will Fist manual in his mind.

The Form and Will Fist manual was not merely a martial manual for fist techniques. It also contained moves for all kinds of weapons!

Of course, the core of the manual was the 12 Beasts Form Styles!

The 12 Beasts Form Styles could even complement each other perfectly to unleash an ultimate killing attack!

From certain perspectives, this was similar to how the Tiger Fist and the Dragon Fist could complement each other to become the Dragons and Tigers Domination Technique!

Whether one could merge the techniques together did not have much to do with the time spent practicing the techniques. Instead, the more important factor was one's ability of comprehension!

[1] TL/N: Ji Jike was a highly accomplished martial artist from Yongji, Shanxi Province. He was also known as Ji Longfeng. According to accepted theory, he is widely considered to be the originator of the internal martial art of Xingyiquan. Yue Fei, courtesy name Pengju, was a Han Chinese military general who lived during the Southern Song dynasty.

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