Chapter 2 Release

Dec 3, 2019

It’s finally here! The first XXXivilization: Chapter 2 update is now uploaded and available for patrons.  

New features and content includes:

  • 2 brand new maps 
  • 4 new factions, each with their own faction leaders to “diplomatically handle” ; ) 
  • 25+ new erotic scenes 
  • 35+ new images 
  • and more events/scenarios than I honestly bothered to try counting!

In addition to enough new content to nearly double what the game already had, there’s also been a slew of tweaks, bug fixes, quality-of-life updates and overall improvements made to the game’s core.  

YOU DON’T HAVE TO RESTART YOUR PLAYTHROUGH EITHER! Just click the “Import save game” button and pick up from where you left off and dive straight into Chapter 2 content – no matter if your were already through Chapter 1 or not.  

I really hope you all enjoy everything Chapter 2 has to offer and I look forward to all the opinions – positive or negative – and bug reports you guys can throw at me.  

I really appreciate everyone’s patience and hope Chapter feels like it paid off!

Spoiler-free Changelog:  

Spoiler Changelog:  

Thanks for reading and playing,


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