Chapter 2 - Iatrophobia

CHAPTER 2 Min's Perspective

 Night had been brutal. I was used to staying up but the flashlight shone in my face every five minutes was new. It was also annoying as hell. I wasn't able to sleep a wink. I wasn't allowed to get out of the bed either though. All I could do was stare at the red walls as I layed on top of the red sheet. I didn't hate the color red but it began to wear on me fast in this place. There was also the constant footsteps to listen to as the nurses paced down the halls periodically waking us up. God, I wonder if Mitz got any sleep. She never slept a night without her stuffed toys. Plus everytime she had a nightmare she'd come get me. If she had a nightmare here though she'd be all alone. It bothered me to picture that. It felt like something was tugging painfully at my heart the moment I pictured her crying. I was supposed to protect her yet here we ended up.

Morning finally arrived after hours of hell and I was the first out of bed. I couldn't lay there a moment longer. As soon as they told me it was time to get up I practically jumped out of the bed. The hard part though was I had exactly five minutes to get ready. I was glad I didn't have to change that day. There was no way I could get dressed in five minutes and I definitely didn't want someone seeing me changing.

I stuffed my fingers in my hands in my pockets as I trudged, yawning out to the common room. The common room was the same as before. A singular window looking out upon a forest and a couch facing a bare white wall. The nurse sat in a chair at the hall entrance staring at his watch as he waited for five minutes to pass. I was not grumbling hello to him that was for sure. Afterall he had kept me up all night.

I flopped down on the couch wondering who'd I meet. I guessed I was probably in the boys unit since they had to keep me and my sister seperated. I guess it'd be nice to meet the other boys. Meeting others was the perfect opportunity to get the run down of the place. I had to figure out how to get my sister out of here fast afterall. I was going to save her no matter what. Together we were going to get out of here and she was going to get to see Mikayla again. I wasn't letting my sister's happiness wither away like this.

The other boys were nothing like I expected and I was the pessimist of the family. They looked like husks with dark shadows under their eyes as they shambled in. The expression on their face was one of utter hopelessness. They looked broken with the exception of one boy who looked rather defiant glaring at the nurse with his deep green eyes. The green eyed boy looked like he had seen hell. I couldn't help being curious as he shuffled in. I felt my cheeks heat up as my eyes met his. He was interesting. I wanted to ask so many things. I wanted to know what was coming.

Just as I opened my mouth, the nurse waved his hand and before my eyes every boy fell in line like soldiers. In their eyes though was a look of terror like I’ve never seen before. It sent shivers up my spine and I felt my hand knot with worry. What had happened to them? Would the same fate wait for me and my sister? No I had I promised she’d be safe. They weren’t going to break me into some obedient dog. Fear was obviously part of their tactics. I wasn’t going to be scared.

I watched as they marched the others out of the room. My gaze fell to the window. That treeline was waiting for me. It was close enough and deep enough I could disappear into it if they ever let us outside. I mulled over how to get out as they gave me the same thing I had the night before, Animal crackers and milk. I glanced at the small bag in my hands then back at the hulking nurse. I glared and set down the bag. I’d rather starve than eat that again.

"Eat you dumb fag" the nurse hissed looking at me. My head jolted up to glare back.

"What did you call me?" I snapped unable to contain the anger boiling in me. I could feel my ears grow hot as my face went red.

"I said eat you dumb fag" the nurse snapped slamming his hands on the table. I stood fast. Anger boiled in me like a kettle ready to burst. I felt my hands ball up in fists.  I wanted to yell. I wanted this man to shut up.

"Why don't you make me" I snarled bowing up to him all, five feet nine inches of my full height. He grabbed me hard and fast. Before I could say another word I found my face slammed against the table. My ears rung and my vision blured a moment. I struggled though. I squirmed and tried to fight beneath his hands holding me down. My ears still ringing I slammed my knee against him. He crumpled a moment and I quickly got up. I ran for the doors, my heart thumping in my chest. I felt my chest tighten and for a moment I couldn't  breathe as I watched him get up grinning. I was screwed and I knew it.

He advanced slowly and I tugged on the doors. They weren't going to open. I could feel my heart threaten to jump out of my chest as I braced my back against the wall. He was getting closer an almost maniacal look in his dark brown eyes. I readied myself for what would come. He reached out to grab me again and I just barely dodged darting past him. I needed to get away but there was no where to escape. I knew this. Part of me figured maybe I could knock him out and take his keys though.

I made my stand deciding instead of running to kick his knees out in a way my mother had taught me. He fell as my leg hit the back of his knees hard. Before I could do anything else though he grabbed my ankle pulling me down to the ground. I squirmed as he rolled over as soon as I fell. He managed to pin me down faster than I could even process. I glared up at him. He wasn't going to get the satisfaction of seeing me scared if I had anything to do with it. I spat at him right before he grabbed me by the head and slammed my head down again. My ears were ringing again as I felt everything go black.

The room swirled above my head when I awoke. I tried to move my arm to rub at my eyes but I couldn't move my limbs. I tugged at my arms again groggily to no avail. I moved my aching head to look to the restraints binding me. They were dyed a dark brown with old dried blood and they were made of thick leather. I was bound to the rusty or at least what I hoped was rusty, old metal bedframe. Rust would be a lot better than blood. This room was completely devoid of windows too. Everything was plain easy to wash white brick and tile with a tiny sink all rusted in the corner. Wait did sinks rust? I decided that wasn't a good question to ask. Where was I? What time was it? Ugh my head hurt too much to think about it. It felt like someone was gouging out my brains with an icepick.

I sighed. Okay Min, How are you going to get yourself out of this? I pulled at the restraints a bit more only to feel pain as it rubbed against my skin. No way I could pull my way free. From the looks of it, there'd be no one to hear me scream either so that was out. Maybe I could squirm my hand out? No that couldn't work. I bit my lip. I really screwed up this time. My temper was always getting the best of me. Thats why I relied on Mitz so much. She'd always calm me down. I missed her soothing coos. I missed knowing she was safe.

I tried to get comfortable in my restraints a moment. I was so tired. My eyelids felt like heavy weights. My head hurt too much to even try to sleep and besides no one could sleep in this position. I could barely even see the headache was getting so bad. I closed my eyes a moment to try to allievate it. Beneath my eyelids though all I could see was my poor sister being put through that ringer. She couldn't even fight. All she wanted was sunshine and hot cocoa. If they hurt her I'd kill them.

Just as I thought they had left me there for good the doctor came in. I glared daggers with my grey eyes, wishing looks could actually kill. He frowned at me and strided over before looming over me.

"Mina you realize what you did is wrong, right?" he asked using my dreaded birth name. I felt rage boil up again. I was wrong? I wasn't the one who slammed a kid's head into a table! I wasn't the one who called someone else a dumb fag. I had done nothing wrong. I didn't deserve this. I yanked at the restraints as hard as I could so I could glare directly into his brown eyes.

"I didn't do anything wrong" I hissed my voice low. The doctor slammed his hand down pushing me back down. He had no right to touch me.

"Get you hand off me" I snapped glaring.

"Now now Mina you're a delicate young lady thats no way to act" he said with a grin leaning in close. I wiggled, pulling at the rough leather restraints trying to pull my hands free. I wanted to push him away. He was wrong about everything. I was a boy and I did nothing wrong. More importantly I wanted everyone to stop touching me. I tried to think of a way to get back at him despite my current state. I grinned to myself as it came to me, the perfect way to get under his skin.

"look I know you get off touching fourteen year olds but could you stop" I hissed with a grin knowing that would just push his buttons. His eyes turned harsh. He looked like he was seething with rage as his fists balled. I could see rage in his eyes. If he reacted though I would of won that battle and he knew it. Still he grasped at my shirt collar and pulled me so I was facing his wrinkled face.

"You're skirting a dangerous line Miss Mina Green" he hissed stressing my birth name.

"Its Min." I corrected "Sir do you mind taking me out to dinner before you harass me next time? I'd love a nice lobster and some candles".

"SHUT UP or something might happen to little Mitz" he threatened. I felt my vision go red with anger. I jolted up as hard as I could not caring about the restraints rubbing my wrists raw. What the hell was he playing at? Mitz did nothing wrong.

"Keep your grimey hands away from her!" I shouted my voice loud enough , they could probably hear it outside the room. He grinned flashing his teeth. How could he even think of doing anything to her. I'd kill him before he could touch her. I pulled as hard as I could at the restraints snarling .

"Now now. I wont do anything to her if you behave that is" he hummed in a creepy tone. It sent shivvers up and down my spine. I could feel my hair stand on end. I felt cold all of the sudden the heat of my anger disappearing replaced by fear at the thought of what they could do. I relaxed giving in for a moment. If we were going to get out of here I needed to try to be calm. I needed to protect her. She couldn't handle this. I wasnt going to let them use me as an excuse to hurt her. I might have given in for now. He won this match.

 His grip released on my collar. Doctor Ferdinand looked so smug as he placed a hand on my cheek. I wanted to dig my teeth into his skin and draw blood. I let the urge past though for Mitz. I tried to focus on picturing her words and the way she sung to me so sweetly to calm me. For a moment I imagined I was with her. I wanted to be real. I wanted to braid her dark brown hair and listen as she rambled about some pointless thing on tv that made her so excited. I'd tell her about this nightmare. She'd say there was no reason to be scared because it was all a nightmare. I'd know she'd be safe from his fingers running through her hair.

 Reality came crashing down into my daydream like a runaway train. His fingers ran along my hips and I held in a scream. What was he doing? I wanted to kick him away. Doctor Ferdinand kept running his fingers along me as I stared wide eyed, too scared he'd hurt Mitz if I said a single peep. I wanted to kick. I didn’t though. I couldn’t for her. Mitz I’ll save you I promise.

Eventually he stopped and with that he turned away. He left me there tied up in that white room. My eyes adjusted to the darkness as he turned off the lights. Was it night? No I know not enough time had passed. Still I wanted to shower. I wanted to wash off this day. I felt tears began to fall down my cheeks. They were warm in the cold room. I knew now I couldn’t stay here. I needed to escape. We needed to escape. I promised myself in that cold darkness that we’d be free.

My wrists felt like fire licked at the skin as I squirmed desperate to pull myselt free even if it it meant breaking my hand. Eventually wrist slick with blood I managed to feel my hand begin to slip through. I gasped choking on the air as the pain seized at my wrists and hands as I pulled harder. Come on... I'm almost there. I just need to get out of here. I needed to pull harder. Everyone was waiting for me. Deep breaths. One... two... three! I pulled as hard as I can choking on the air as it felt like my wrist might break. With a pop my hand slipped free palm soaked blood. Red was everywhere. It hurt so much. I could barely move my hand.

I laid there a moment holding my hand close to my chest for a moment just letting out a soft sob. I couldn't stop the tears. I was so close to being free. Just one more hand. I could feel myself shaking as I tried to unbuckle the restraint left on my wrist. The blood covering my fingers made it a struggle and I couldn't stop shivvering at how cold everything was. I managed though just barely. With both hands free I fumbled my legs free next. My ankles were a bright swollen red and for a moment I felt tired. Body aching I could barely keep my eyes open. I couldn't sleep here though. I didn't want to face getting caught.

I pulled myself to my feet. My ankles threatened to cave beneathe me and I clutched the wall. Every step was agony shooting through my nerves. It felt like I might come crashing down at any moment. Just one more step. I just needed to make it one more step. I pulled my body to the sink. The rusty handles felt like ice beneath my bloody fingers. The water came out clean and I cupped my shaking hands together. My dry throat craved it. I gulped down as much as I could. Red slipped down the drain when I was done and I began walking again.

It took me what felt like forever to reach the door. I just hoped it wasn't locked as I pulled myself closer to what might be freedom. I took a deep breath. My feet ached from the cold and my ankles were a hair away from bleeding as I stood there, my hands on the door knob. I turned it slowly. I felt my heart skip a beat as I heard a click. Oh god it was unlocked. I could barely hold back tears of joy as I threw open the door.

What waited for me was a strange hall that ran next to the common room. It had windows and there were soda machines. I felt my mouth water as I spotted a snack machine. I was so hungry. I walked towards the snack machine and began dragging my feet along. It looked so delicious. I could shove my face with all the food I wanted if I broke into it. Just as I stopped by the soda machine I noticed another room filled with snacks, cakes and donuts. Food. Unguarded food! I ran in on my shaking legs practically tripping over my feet as I made it to the table. I grasped at the cookies shoving them in my mouth as if I hadn't seen food in days. It was so sweet and I practically cried from how good it tasted. I threw more into my mouth eating as many as I could between sobs. I grabbed as many as I could shoving them into my pocket for sweet Mitz. She'd love these. I couldn't wait to see her smile when I found her.

 I glanced around a bit after eating my fill. I needed to get out of here and fast.  My head hurt so much though. It felt like someone was digging out my brains with a spoon. The pain fogged my thoughts and the lights caused the pain to worsen. I worked on a plan though despite that. My first action would be to get contact with Mikayla again and there was one way to do that, my phone. I steeled myself knowing things would get more dangerous as whenever I reached the nurses’ station. The last thing I wanted was to be shoved on the ground and restrained yet again. I glanced around the corner of the breakroom. There wasn't much in the hall snack machines, the solitary room and the medicine room. I crouched low to the ground and began to slink along. The medicine room had a huge window I had to creep just under. Inside I could see one of the nurses putting medicine into cups. I swallowed.  I'd have to be quick or they'd notice I was missing soon. I shuddered at the idea of what they'd do to me next or worse how they might punish Mitz for my actions. 

After making it passed the medicine room, I peeked past the corner hoping to see the nurses’ room. I was lucky. It was a few steps away and the nurse on duty had their back turned. It looked like the perfect opportunity.  I crept low across the tile floor being careful of every step making sure to keep my eyes on the nurse. Next was the half door which was slightly ajar. I pushed my way into through the bottom door being careful my round stomach didn't knock the door open too much. The cubbies with our things were just two steps away. I could feel my heart quicken as the nurse almost turned. I carefully took those last two steps and stared up at the cubbies. My eyes scanned every name hoping to see mine. I found my sisters first though. I felt guilty as I reached up being as silent as possible to grab her little pink phone. As I pulled it out I realized I had grabbed her laces too and almost  smiled. She'd love to have those laces back. In fact I bet she'd trade me her favorite romance novel for them back. Well it was both our favorite novel. I hated to admit it but I loved romance novels. The happy ending always got to me. Mitz would tease me like crazy about it though. Of course she still bought me books though. 

I shook my head trying to focus again so I could slip out before they even noticed I was there. I stuffed the shoelaces and phone into my binder and crept back out. Once I made it into the hall I almost ran. I had to make it back and fast. They were going to find out I was gone if I didn't. If they found out I was gone there was a good chance they'd be even rougher. I had bled enough for one day after all. 

I barely made it passed the medicine room and back into the cold solitary room. The pain had dulled as my heart beat thinking of how to get back into the restraints. I could hear the wheels of the medical cart nearing. I fumbled the ankle ones shut then the wrist one. Finally I had to squeeze my hand back through the last one. I cringed and pushed hard the leather scraping and burning again.  I bit my lip to hold in any noise of pain as I squirmed my hand back through. The leather was stained red when I was done and the door swung open. 

There stood the doctor, Ferdinand the pedophile. I almost wanted to grin and tell him I won. I couldn't wait to see the look on his face when we got free. I'd beat him even if I had to break an arm to do it. When I did, I'd make sure everyone knew what they did here too. 

Doctor Ferdinand looked at the bloody restraints then at me. 

“struggling so much won't get you anywhere, you realize that right Mina?” he hissed running his fingers along my face. I would of bit off his fingers if I could.

“it's Min” I corrected with a hiss.

“now now Mina is a lovely name. It's time for your medicine though” he said getting a small cup out. I clamped my mouth down hard but he pried  it open hard. My jaw ached as he did it and I nearly gagged as he dropped the pills down my throat. I couldn't stop myself glaring. I still had won. Afterall I could now take pictures of what he had done and I was going to. His life was going to be hell for threatening my sister.