Chapter 2 Day 2
       The howls pierced Margarets heart as a spear would pierce the armor of warriors. She felt as if she was going to pass out at any moment from seeing her youngest son in  unimaginable pain. A small piece of her felt relieved though, for Florenzo was here, he would make everything fine, she was sure of it. The distance from the backyard courtyard to the manor which would normally take minutes seemed to be dragging on for an enternity, leaving her to her thoughts. Kassadin had always been the more timid of her two boys, only a year was the diference in age between her two boys, but that one year was all that mattered. For that tiny incriment of time Kassadin was able to go on these late night sparrring sessions with his brute of an uncle. Kaldneer forbid letting her oldest son Martin on these late night excursions. Florenzo would have someone's head if news spread that Martin was participating in any sort of tomfoolery. Martin was much too busy with his private sutors raning from world economics, the history of the empire from the rise of Jauffrey to the destrucktive carnage left by the Borders Wars, and of course learning the finese needed to maniputlae such wreckage all while seeming the better man, the man that was lending a helping hand, all distracting you from his other hand rumaging through your coin purse.

       Martin had always shined brightly, dwarfing Kassadin by comparions, but she always had a soft spot for her youngest son. He never excelled in any category, but always seemed to shine when the stage was set. Not brightly enought to divert much attention from the protagonist of the play, but just enought for her to wonder just what her son could accomplish if he cared enough to give something his all. He was missing that spark, but who could blame him? He knew the spotlight would never hover his way, maybe for just a split second, but nothing ever more than that. Then again he was quite memorable, he had the quickest wit she had seen for a child his age and the clever tongue that accompanies it. Which she had hoped were the only traits he had acquired from his idiot of an uncle.

Thank you guys for reading! Will post again within the next couple of hours. Reading quite a bit and working on finishing the first draft of the book! Only 100 pages left! I should be done within a month

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