Chapter 2: It Begins
In this chapter Jamie prepares for her daring escape as she gathers supplies. With only the will to survive pushing her forward, she walks towards her apartment. What horrors await her in the alley ahead? Find out by reading below!


    Each morning after that first incident, more families would turn up murdered by what the authorities could only categorize as animals. That was until the incident at the hospital morgue. One week after the initial murder, the bodies that were still awaiting autopsy became reanimated and attacked the patrons of the hospital. The military attempted to quarantine the hospital, but weren't trained for that type of situation and were overwhelmed by the creatures. Soon after the plague of infection began to spread across the globe forcing the world into safe havens. 

    Jamie was one of the soldiers who helped gather the grief stricken and panicked citizens into the safe havens. Her expertise in medicine, firearms, and close quarters combat made her a valuable asset to the military, especially during this hectic time. However, nothing in her training could have prepared her for an epidemic such as this. Once the protective fences were set up around the vicinity of the Tennessee safe haven, Jamie decided to stay behind in order to get away from the military life. She didn't want her whole life to revolve around fighting these dam creatures but little did she know in time, she would have no choice. 

   So here she stood three years later awaiting her care package of mediocre food and water. As she gathered her entitlements off of the numbered table, she walked towards one of the side alleys since it was the quickest way to her apartment. The alley was quiet as she continued towards her apartment in the distance. She had taken this route many times before because she was never to fond of talking to other people and had always considered herself to be kind of a loner even before the military. However, something felt different about the alley today.

   She felt as if she was being watched as one of the trash can lids fell to the ground with a loud smack and confirmed her suspicions. It was a group of three thugs.

   “Hey pretty lady. That’s an awful lot of food you got in your hands there. Why don’t you share some of that with us? We promise we’ll make it worth it,” one of the thugs said with a sly smirk on his face. 

   “No thanks. I’ve never been much of a sharer,” she said as she looked at the thugs with a stern glance. The sly smiles across their faces immediately changed to glares of irritation.

   “ We’re not gonna ask you again you little bitch. Give us your food now and we promise we won’t rough you up too much,” he said as they all began to surround her and slowly close in. 

   “You don't want to do this,” she says barely lifting her eyes up from the ground as her fists tensed up on her sides.

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