Chapter 213 - Aghast With Dog-wilderment
Morpheus was shocked beyond measure as he faced the oncoming attack. How could he have predicted that a detached head from the Cerberus actually still had such an attack hidden up its sleeves!

With the speed of that beam of dust, Morpheus did not have the time to dodge at all. He could only forcefully gather all the energy in his body to materialize a thin barrier before his forehead!

The attack was simply too sudden, giving no time for Morpheus to gather the Heaven and Earth Ling Qi for defense. The moment the beam of dust touched the thin barrier, it passed through soundlessly and without any ripple. The thin barrier was not even able to block the beam for a split second.

The beam of dust continued onward without pause, easily burrowing through Morpheus's forehead and blasting into a short hill behind him!


The hill was directly blasted into pieces, sending debris and huge rocks flying through the air. This was, after all, an attack launched by a peak Grade 6 Demonic Beast on the brink of death!

The combustion of the energy from such a small, condensed Inner Core was actually so terrifying!

Its power was just like a modern guided missile, smashing straight into the hill!

A powerful shock wave blasted outwards in all directions, sweeping the Cerberus's head far away into a crevice of unknown depths.

The crevice led downwards deep underground and, at a glance, it was impossible to see how deep it was.


A few minutes passed by like this, until the huge Cerberus head finally landed with a great splash in an expansive lake.

"This is the Tidal Golden Spring!"

Although the Cerberus was only left with a single head, it was strangely still alive somehow!

At this moment, it was staring completely aghast at the surging golden lake before its eyes. An incomparably bountiful vitality emanated out freely from the waters!

As the Cerberus was an extremely powerful species of Demonic Beast, nature dictated that it was much harder for it to have offsprings. As a result, its species numbered extremely few!

Because of that, there was too little information on the Cerberus and people did not have a great understanding of its abilities. That was the whole reason Morpheus had fallen in such a pathetic way!

For a creature like the Cerberus, even if it did not cultivate any special innate techniques, it was still three times stronger than normal beasts at the same cultivation level!

Everyone thought that this was the most heaven-defying ability unique to the Cerberus. However, the really heaven-defying ability of the Cerberus was that as long as the main head was fine, even if it was only left as a head, it could still recover slowly given enough time!

Of course, a heaven-defying ability like this could only be utilized once. Even so, its utility was already very strong!

The Cerberus could not help but let out an excited grin as it looked at the Tidal Golden Spring. "Truly, the heavens will never seal off all the doggy paths! Although the grade of this Tidal Golden Spring is not very high, its quantity is impressive! Furthermore, this bountiful vitality is exactly the thing I need the most right now!

"Woof! Just wait, humans. I will surely return!"

The Cerberus was filled with confidence. It was originally on the brink of achieving a breakthrough. At the instant when its head was chopped off, its mental state finally managed to breakthrough to a Grade 7 Demonic Beast!

In other words, as long as it recovered, it would immediately complete the breakthrough to become a Grade 7 Demonic Beast!

At this moment, large amounts of vitality-filled energy was being absorbed into  the Cerberus, going directly to the center of its brows, awaiting the day the body of the Cerberus would recover.

As it immersed itself in the Tidal Golden Spring, the condition of the Cerberus looked much improved. Its muzzle was even glowing with enjoyment.

With such a large source of vitality energy, it did not even need to worry about breathing as it submerged itself under the water.

A few days passed peacefully like that. On this day, an inconspicuous hook dropped into the crevice, attached to a line which seemingly extending from the heavens itself.

'Eh? This lake is actually golden in color! It's definitely not something ordinary. Unfortunately, I can't take it away...'

Bei Feng could not help but let out a sigh of amazement as he cast his gaze over the sparkling golden spring. Indeed, even the cleverest housewife cannot cook a meal without rice. [1]

Bei Feng shifted his pole, causing the hook to dangle right above the lake. Then, he patiently scanned the surroundings through the vision scope of the hook, looking for anything of value.

However, there weren't any other objects within fifty meters of the hook except for the water. Apart from that, there was only the walls of the ravine.

'What the hell? How am I supposed to fish anything like this?'

Bei Feng pursed his lips speechlessly. This was simply akin to entering a mountain filled with treasures, but returning empty-handed. But there was nothing he could do about it. Has there ever been a case of anyone using a fishing hook to retrieve the water in a lake?!

Even more wretched was that this hook couldn't be pulled too high into the sky. Once the hook reaches a certain height, it would immediately trigger the spatial tunnel. 

A peculiar shade of black hung on Bei Feng's face as he lowered the hook slowly. Since there was nothing to catch above the water, there was only one direction left for the hook. Perhaps something good might exist in the golden lake.

Unexpectedly, this lake wasn't actually very big. It was, however, quite deep.

The hook sunk into the water, drifting gently downwards. Along the way, there was not a single item of value. Apart from water, there was still only water.

After some time, the hook finally reached the bottom of the golden lake. There wasn't even a single stone here, and the bottom was incomparably smooth. This golden lake did not seem like something birthed from nature. After all, how could a natural pool be so clean and smooth?

'Fortunately, I did not buy any baits from the System for this. No matter how good the bait is, there's no point if there isn't anything in here to lure.'

Bei Feng sighed with disappointment.

'Hm? What's that?'

Right on the edge of the vision range of the hook, Bei Feng could see a furry thing lurking in the corner. Following that, he directed the hook towards the Cerberus, refusing to leave empty-headed.

'Eh? EH?! What's going on?'

The Cerberus that was trying to recuperate suddenly found itself rising rapidly through the water. Its mind was completely stunned. Who the hell had it offended this time?!

But no matter what it thought, it had no ways of escaping from the hook.

A pitch-black spatial tunnel appeared abruptly above the lake into which the poor Cerberus quickly disappeared.

Large amounts of the golden spring water were also sucked into the spatial tunnel which was closing up. But the moment it entered the spatial tunnel, a formless ripple spread through the tunnel, completely wiping away every single drop. It was like the golden spring water was never present at all.

"It's actually a dog's head... "

Bei Feng did not know if he should be laughing or crying as he stared dumbly at the true appearance of the furry item. It was actually a dog's head, similar to those random street dogs in the streets. The only difference was that this head was as big as millstone! It was a wonder how this dog's head fell into the lake in the first place.

Very quickly, the head was pulled out of the well. Its eyes were empty and the lids were slightly parted. Its mouth was wide open, revealing rows of sharp and fierce looking teeth.

"Ding! Grade 5 treasure obtained, head of Three-Headed Cerberus. (This is the main head of a peak Grade 6 Demonic Beast, the Three-Headed Cerberus. The Three-Headed Cerberus has faint amounts of Cerberus Hell Hound's bloodline in its veins and within the same grade of Demonic Beasts, it possesses a physique three times stronger than ordinary Demonic Beasts!) Experience gained: 40,000!" the System explained with a monotone voice.

"Forget it, something is better than nothing," Bei Feng said as he raised his eyebrows lightly. This was just a head, and it was not even a live Cerberus. To the current him, it wasn't anything valuable. Even if he could eat it, he would not eat a severed dog's head which he fished up from the well.

In that moment, Bei Feng did not bother to take a closer look as he removed the hook and carried the head into the villa.

The weight of this head was not proportionate to its size at all. It was clearly only as big as a millstone, yet weighed several hundred jins!

Still, Bei Feng was not surprised at all. The stronger a creature was, the more powerful its body would be!

Take Bei Feng for example. He did not look fat at all, and was about 1.8 meters tall. But if he were to step on a weighing machine, the numbers displayed would not be less than three, four hundred jin!

The reason for this was that bonds between the cells in his body were much tighter than normal, like the difference between cotton candy and iron!

Bei Feng carried the head to the sealed vault-like room, and placed the several-hundred-jin-heavy head atop a shelf.

[1] TL/N: BF was regretting that he did not have the necessary tools to take the lake away. Just like how a person cannot cook if they don't have the ingredients, no matter how good that person is at cooking.

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