Chapter 214 - Reconstructing A Body!
After placing the head within the sealed room, Bei Feng did not bother about it any further. He simply did not have any ideas about handling it right now.

'Perhaps the teeth on this creature could still be used to craft some weapons... this should be all the value it holds i guess?'

Bei Feng cocked his head and wondered as he turned around and resealed the room.

As soon as Bei Feng left, the listless eyes of the Cerberus head suddenly lit up and snapped open fully as it surveyed its surroundings.

"What kind of sh*tty place is this? How can the Heaven and Earth Ling Qi be so sparse here? Without any external aid, I'll require at least a few hundred years to fully recuperate!"

A strange language completely foreign to this world flowed out of its mouth. The Cerberus was on the verge of tears at this point. Ignoring the fact that it would take an extremely long time to recuperate here, it would not be able to break through to Grade 7 even if its body was completely recovered!

Such an environment was simply unable to support its breakthrough! Furthermore, whether it could return to its original world now was still a big question mark.

"What kind of strange method is this?! To bring me to this place in the blink of the eye... And furthermore, the difference between the environment here and the one at Mt Zhen Huan is exceedingly great!"

A cold light flashed in the Cerberus's eyes. No matter how it thought, it could not understand how it'd appeared at this place. It also didn't know how far away it was from Mt Zhen Huan.

How did that human accomplish this? If it could also manipulate a technique like this as well, where wouldn't it be able to go in this world?!

The Cerberus obviously still thought that it was in its original world. The only difference was that this part of the world had sparse Heaven and Earth Ling Qi and lacked resources. The thought that it'd been transported to another world did not even cross its mind!

Greed surfaced in the Cerberus's mind. If it knew such a technique, how would it end up in such a desperate condition in the first place?

"The most important task now is to leave this broken place. After I've completely recovered, I can come back and look for that human again!"

The Cerberus was gravely injured, and its vital Qi was greatly hurt. That was why it did not dare to do anything reckless after it'd been fished up and the restrictive power had been lifted from it.

This was the time when the Cerberus was in its weakest state. Any random Evolved Jing master would be able to slay it with ease!

If it was in its peak form, it could easily smack numerous Evolved Jing experts to death with a single claw.

But right now, it had no choice but to play dead, afraid that it would really meet with another calamity.

The Cerberus continued staying still, in case the human was still nearby.

The sky became darker gradually and Bei Feng also returned to his room after dinner.

Insatiable and Black Hole were still lying down near the large rose with listless expressions.

The transformation stage for Demonic Beasts was a very lengthy process. They would first have to accumulate enough blood and Qi energy through food to sustain the process. The same went for Insatiable and Black Hole.

Right now, Insatiable and Black Hole had already stopped taking in more food. They would also spend over twenty hours a day sleeping and when they woke, they would be too lazy to move.

The two fellows were also much luckier than the wild beasts, as they had no natural enemies here. They did not have to worry about looking for a safe hideout and, even after their transformation, they would still have enough high-energy food to eat.

The night was still and quiet, and dark clouds lined the sky. The darkness was so deep that one could only see a few meters before them.

In the sealed room of the villa, the Cerberus which had recovered its mental state finally opened its eyes. In the darkness of the room, it looked like a light was flashing briefly.


With a small shake of its head, the Cerberus rolled off the shelf and dropped onto the ground.

Easily sinking its teeth into the ground, it inched its way forward until it reached the door.

The incomparably sturdy bulletproof door was easily bitten through by the Cerberus's sharp teeth, tearing a large hole at the bottom.

After that, it sent its bountiful mental energy outwards and after confirming that there was no dangers, it began to escape towards the exit of the villa. A long row of teeth marks were left behind on the villa floor.

With some effort, the Cerberus reached the window and tumbled over, arriving at the back of the villa.


The Cerberus stopped its escape as an excited gleam flashed across its eyes when it arrived at the yard.

'Who would have thought that in a barren place like this with sparse Heaven and Earth Ling Qi, there would actually be two canine beasts undergoing evolution to become Demonic Beasts! Even the heavens are aiding me!'

An ugly grin appeared on the Cerberus's face. Following that, it immediately moved towards Insatiable and Black hole without hesitation.

Insatiable and Black Hole lifted their heads and gazed at the Cerberus once, and lay back down flat on the floor again, not moving again.

The Cerberus dragged itself over to the the two sleeping dogs. Although it was injured, its mental power was not much weaker compared to Bei Feng's. A wave of mental power was sent forward, wrapping around Insatiable and Black Hole's body.

How would the mental power of the two little dogs be enough to resist the Cerberus? They were easily knocked unconscious and, with a single gulp, it swallowed Insatiable.

'After swallowing these two canine beasts, and coupled with the vitality energy I've saved from the golden spring, it will be enough for me to reconstruct a new body!'

The Cerberus's eyes gleamed with excitement. Not wishing to delay any further, it swallowed Black Hole as well.

The Cerberus was only left with a single head, but it was unclear where the two dogs which had been swallowed were sent to.

A multilayered blood-colored mist flowed out of the Cerberus's head, wrapping it within. The entire cocoon looked incredibly unrealistic.

A shocking change was taking place inside of the blood mist cocoon. The Cerberus's head was shrinking slowly as countless muscles, flesh, and tendrils grew out of its neck with shocking speed, interweaving together.

As the flesh and muscles continued extending downwards, the vast amount of vitality and the essence blood from the Cerberus's forehead was also depleting at a crazy rate, causing it to feel extremely aggrieved.

At this rate, it seems like it would revert to its beginning state, and could only begin cultivating anew as a Grade 1 Demonic Beast.

Time passed slowly, and the Cerberus's body had finally been completely reconstructed!

The entire thing was like a miracle from the gods. If it was any other species of Demonic Beast which had its head chopped off, it would be deader than dead. Who else could swallow other beasts of the same or similar species to reconstruct a new body?!

One had to say that the bloodline of the Cerberus was simply too terrifying. The Cerberus Hell Hound was originally the guardian of death and destruction, so even though the Three-Headed Cerberus only had a trace of that bloodline, its natural talents and innate skills were already extremely inconceivable!

"Bo! Bo!"

Two large lumps grew out of the Cerberus's shoulders and, with an abrupt pop, two more heads burst out of the skin with their teeth baring fiercely!

On a closer look, those heads looked exactly the same as Insatiable and Black Hole!

As the blood mist dissipated, the true body of the Cerberus was revealed.

The Cerberus was roughly the same size as Insatiable and Black Hole in terms of body stature. The only difference was that there were three heads now instead of one!

The main Cerberus head which was as big as a millstone had shrunk to the size of a football now. Even standing still on the spot, the Cerberus's appearance would cause one to feel a shiver running down their spines without being cold.

At this time, Insatiable and Black Hole's snouts were filled with confusion. They didn't know what had happened and how they had suddenly been turned into this monstrosity. They were so terrified that they were about to yelp with panic.

But before they could begin yelping, a powerful mental will suddenly appeared in their minds, instantly calming their shock.

'Why were these two silly dogs' consciousness not wiped out?!'

The main head of the Cerberus was on the verge of tears. It felt like the heavens were intent on making a fool out of it. It had never intended to retain the consciousness of those two silly dogs at all!

'It must be because my injuries were too heavy! D*mn it!' the Cerberus thought with frustration. Right now, it'd lost almost all of its strength. The only thing left  was its powerful mental power. It couldn't even open its mouth to speak!

Even more tragic was that it could feel its mental powers were slowly flowing towards the other two heads, as if it was being divided into three equal portions!

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