Chapter 215 - Dog Biting Dog
Although a Three-Headed Cerberus was known for having three heads, the real decision making part of it was always the main, middle head. The other two were actually something born from the main head, and was part of a single whole.

It was similar to replicating the consciousness of the main head, and like a person with schizophrenia—each head could possess different personalities, but there was always one main persona in control.

However, the situation right now was completely different! Each head already had a complete set of memories and individuality. In a sense, every single head was the main head!

At the same time, the main head's own mental power was being split into three and given to the other two dunces, unlocking their intelligence!

Furthermore, everything it knew was also easily detectable by the other two heads. 'I've suffered a huge loss this time... ' The main head had a helpless look on its face. Three heads with individual consciousness controlling a single body... without even thinking, it was obvious what would happen.

Now that all three consciousnesses existed in the same body, it could not even send out its mental power to wipe out the consciousness of the other two heads even if it wanted to.

"Gru, gru!"

Just as it was preoccupied with its thoughts, a loud rumbling sound emanated from its stomach.

An extremely compelling and terrible hunger wrecked the stomach of the Cerberus, and all three heads began salivating at the same time.

After going through a transformation, it already needed to replenish a large amount of energy. Now, it had also expended so much blood essence and vitality to reconstruct a new body. Almost all of its energy and cultivation from being a Grade 6 Demonic Beast was used up to complete the process. Right now, this Cerberus was only a weak little Grade 1 Demonic Beast.

Insatiable and Black Hole immediately made to dash towards the basement in search of food. But as the original head held different intentions, the movements of the Cerberus was thrown into disarray. It even stumbled heavily several times, but was eventually led to the basement.

"Wu, wu!"

Insatiable and Black Hole ran up to a large earthen jar and stuck their heads into it, tearing a large, red piece of intestine meat out.

'This is Demonic Beast flesh! And the grade is not low as well! The Ling Qi in this is definitely extremely useful for my recovery!'

The Cerberus could feel a delightful sensation emanating from all its cells as the pieces of meat entered its stomach and waves of pure Ling Qi flowed through its body.

The newly created cells after the evolution were in a state of complete barrenness. Each was like a bottomless hole, and could swallow all the incoming energy completely!

Huge amounts of Ling Qi was accumulated in the Cerberus's body and, under normal circumstances, it would be completely stuffed, unable to take another bite.

But before all this happened, this Cerberus was a peak Grade 6 Demonic Beast, and had half a foot in the Grade 7 level. It was an old beast which had lived for an unknown number of years. Naturally, it would have some cultivation techniques!

The Cerberus immediately started revolving the energy using a cultivation technique. The Cerberus's body began to grow stronger as the Ling Qi flowed around its body, causing its physique to grow increasingly sturdy!

Insatiable and Black Hole closed their eyes comfortably as the vast amounts of mental power flowed into their heads. This change was a good thing for them, so they did not resist at all.

Under the nourishment of the vast amounts of high energy food, the Cerberus's body grew stronger with visible speed. Its fur became as smooth as silk, and large muscles even began to appear all over its body!

Time passed slowly, and all the food in the earthen jar was completely devoured. The Cerberus's stomach was like a bottomless hole, not rejecting any food!

Insatiable and Black Hole concentrated on gorging down the food, while the main head was in charge of cultivating. The work was divided perfectly according to their roles.

Slowly, the Cerberus's aura grew increasingly stronger, only stopping when it reached a certain barrier.

"This time, I will make sure to solidify each level properly and build the strongest possible foundation! Every realm must be at the peak before breaking through!" the Cerberus muttered to itself. Since it had a powerful innate advantage over other Demonic Beasts, it should make use of that advantage. A strong first step will make all subsequent steps firmer! It needed to make full use of its forte!

'It's a pity that these are all physical food, and cannot be taken away with me. If I can intake energy as pure as this unceasingly, it would not be a problem to break through to a Grade 4 Demonic Beast in a short period of time!'

The Cerberus felt somewhat unwilling to leave this place. However, it was simply too weak now, and needed to find a place to hole up and cultivate.

'Let's find a place to cultivate quietly first. When my cultivation reaches a certain level, we'll come back again.'

The Cerberus walked off with graceful steps, padding lightly on the ground as it headed out of the basement.

As it reached the yard, the Cerberus wanted to continue controlling its body to go into the forest, but Insatiable and Black Hole suddenly decided that they were not going to walk anymore as they seized control of the body back from the main head.


The Cerberus folded its legs and lay down heavily on the ground. Seeing this, the main head was practically dying of anger. These two silly dogs actually refused to leave!

The Cerberus did not want to stay there, since it would likely end up in a bad position if it was discovered. Left with no other alternatives, it could only forcefully take over the body and drag it towards the forest.

Although part of its mental power had been passed to Insatiable and Black Hole, it still held the advantage as it still had over half of its mental power remaining. However, the mental power was still leaking away rapidly and, by the next morning, it would very likely have the exact same amount as Insatiable and Black Hole.

Having superior mental power was still very useful to seize control of the body. Although the other two idiots were dragging it down constantly, the Cerberus was still able to move towards the trees steadily.

Seeing that the head in the middle was determined to drag them away, Insatiable and Black Hole became anxious. They exchanged a glance at each other and turned towards the head in the middle, biting down on it together!




Insatiable opened its mouth wide and bit down on over half of the head, while Black Hole also bit on the snout, being unwilling to show any weaknesses.

Following that, three miserable yelps sounded out through the night as Insatiable and Black Hole's eyes turned teary with pain. Somehow, when they bit the head in the middle, they too felt the pain!

In that moment, all three heads were staring at each other with incredulity. The atmosphere was extremely strange.

The Cerberus's main head refused to give up. It took control of the body again and took a small step outwards. Immediately, Insatiable and Black Hole's gazes turned somewhat strange.

Seeing that the two fellows did not attack it again, it became more emboldened and started to run.


The Cerberus fell flat on its snout and when it stood up again, Insatiable and Black Hole's mouths were clamped over it again.

'To think that this lord dog who lorded over countless Demonic Beasts would actually fall to such a state and end up being bullied by two random street dogs!'

The Cerberus really felt like crying loudly. Taking into account that they were all equal in strength, it simply could not win one against two! Even more frustrating was that regardless of whether it was biting them or they were biting it, it would still feel the same amount of pain!

Every time the Cerberus wanted to control its body and run off, Insatiable and Black Hole's teeth would appear around its head. After a few times, the two fellows also grew cleverer. As long as the main head did not cause any trouble, they would not bite down for real. After all, they would feel the pain themselves!

Under the watchful gazes of Insatiable and Black Hole, the poor Cerberus could only lie down obediently under the giant rose.

Only when it saw that Insatiable and Black Hole had closed their eyes and fell asleep in the middle of the night did it stand up carefully and tried to escape again.

But as soon as its body moved, Insatiable and Black Hole's eyes immediately snapped open as they stared at the middle head together.


The middle head let out an anguished howl of absolute frustration as it laid down again unwillingly.

That night, Bei Feng did not sleep well at all. He was constantly plagued with the pitiful howls of what seemed like hundreds of dogs throughout the night.

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