Chapter 26 & 27 Plan
I withheld making this post with chapter 26 as I was afraid of creating spoilers of the end of the novel. But now they are both available and it doesn't matter!

Originally when I had planned this chapter, I had no intentions of having a real life ending of Lost passing his GED. This plan actually came to me later while writing the chapter when I just happened to think, "Now, this is MUCH better!"

I also planned for the fight with Chronix to end with Lost pushing Fen out of the way before dealing a finishing blow against Chronix. This ended with me feeling it was a little bland so I tried to spice up the chapter a little. I went back through and read the previous chapters with Chronix so I can write about a battle with him while maintaining consistency in the novel and avoid confusing the readers. This does make me take note that when I start my next novel, I really need to have a better database on the game information and characters. I do have one for EO, however it is considerably lacking.

With the 'X' in the Aunt's POV, that is in actuality Mr Johnstone. I simply couldn't recall his name at the time. I had also planned for the conversation between him and Aunt Jude to be a little more forthright, where he directly asks her if she still wanted one of her nieces to marry his son (or nephew). I had also planned for Aunt Jude to take the initiative to do some investigating on Mr Johnstone and try to discover who is currently holding the corporate block on him.

For some reason when I went over the plan I also had mentioned about the item sold. I am still confused as to what I meant by this. I mean, didn't the items he had for sale already sell? Or am I simply losing my mind?

The finals were planned to be slightly different, with Fen pushed into a corner and Lost forcefully ending up pushing/throwing her off stage to save her. I'm still not entirely against this plan, but she is a girl, and we need to be more gently with girls. My thoughts were that rather than pushing a girl out of the way, it is better to use our body and shield them. 

Lastly, our chapter ending was planned to finish in the pub. With a whole bunch of players trying to find out Lost's secrets, how he is so strong and fast, and what skills he has. Many people also asking how to create the perfect agility build, and the like. The chapter was to end with Fen falling asleep in Lost's arms without him rejecting her and slightly accepting her a little more. But, as already stated, I had a spark of inspiration for an even better ending.

- Wolfin

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