Chapter 262 - Kill Without Mercy!
In that moment, Bei Feng resembled a human-shaped blood bag which had been pierced with countless needles. Large amounts of dark-red blood were spurting out of his pores, carrying with it a nasty smell.

His clothes became blood-soaked in an instant, but Bei Feng did not mind at all. It was just some clothes. The reason he took in the Mystics, wasn't that so that his life would become easier?

This kind of small matter would naturally be left to them to settle. All the resources of the security company were for Bei Feng's usage after all.

A set of training clothes cost thousands of yuan. Normally, it was enough to dump the clothes into the washing machine. This time, he was going to simply throw the bloody clothes away.

Since he had money now, there was no need to be too hard on himself. Money had little meaning to him after all. It could not buy the resources he needed, nor could it be used to obtain cultivation and martial techniques. The only thing it was useful for was to make his daily life a little more comfortable.

Bei Feng quickly darted back into the villa and dumped his clothes into the trash bag. Mystic Three would take care of everything on his way out.

After washing off the dirty blood on his body, Bei Feng's supple skin finally reappeared, smooth and as fair as jade. The noxious smell had finally disappeared after innumerable rounds of intense scrubbing. Right now, a light soapy fragrance lingered on his skin.

"What do you think of this teacher?" Bei Feng suddenly asked as the entire household sat down for dinner.

"Not bad, although I haven't learnt anything yet, I can tell that she's very meticulous and serious," the Cerberus transmitted mentally.

"En, that's good then."

Bei Feng nodded his head and called Mystic Three over.

"Let's set Teacher Lin Mei's salary at 50,000 yuan a month. In addition, you will pick her up everyday and send her back after work," Bei Feng instructed casually.


Mystic Three nodded and stood to the side. He did not dare to interrupt the boss and his girlfriend's meal.

At the same time, Bei Feng noticed Mystic Moon's dress and instructed Mystic Three to invite a dressmaker over in the morning. The poor girl had arrived in this dress, and had not changed out of it throughout. He couldn't expect a girl to wear the same thing forever, right?

As night fell, the Cerberus sneaked out and went to the mountain peak again to cultivate.

'It's a pity that this diagram cannot give this Lord Dog any more inspirations. Still, this is a really interesting piece of land! It's actually dominated by ordinary people, and cultivators are instead in a lower position!' the Cerberus mumbled with wonder. Just the memory of the barrage of missiles sailing through the sky was something that brought it great shock. Even if it was at its peak condition, it would not dare to meet those things head-on!

There was even less need to discuss the explosive might of those weapons. Seeing it through the TV was already enough to give it an indescribable terror!

In the face of such apocalyptic might, the Cerberus would only be like an ant even if it was restored to its peak power!

With a violent shake of its head, the Cerberus tossed the thought out of its mind. In this piece of unfamiliar land, it should stay as low-key as possible for the time being.

This time, the Cerberus did not lie on the ground. Instead, it raised its head high into the air and made a strange sound with its throat. At the same time, the flow of blood and Qi in its body began to change rapidly as it formed into a mysterious and profound diagram!

In the instant the diagram was formed, all three heads howled simultaneously towards the moon, sending shock waves in all directions!

A thick stream of moonlight flowed down from the sky, right onto the howling Cerberus. Slowly and carefully, the moonlight was absorbed into the Cerberus's body, infusing with its bones and muscles.

The Cerberus was covered entirely in a silvery white light. All six eyes were shut tightly, and an expression of bliss and comfort hung over each face.

There was an ancient saying that went, 'the demons and spirits in the mountains drink and soak in the essence of the moon every night, unlocking their intelligence and granting them the powers to mount the clouds and ride the mist!'

From this, one could tell that moon essence was exceptionally suitable for Demonic Beasts to absorb, and had great benefits for them!

Unfortunately, ordinary Demonic Beasts could only absorb the moon's essence every month during the full moon for two days. Other than that, there was the rare Super Moon which came around every century. The Cerberus, on the other hand, had a special legacy and cultivation technique which allowed it to absorb the moon's essence every single night!

Furthermore, the amount of moon's essence it could absorb was appalling! Even a Xiantian level Demonic Beast could only absorb about half of what the Grade 3 Cerberus was absorbing!

When the silvery light finally dissipated, the Cerberus slowly opened its eyes. Its Qi energy had become denser, and a flash of intelligence also shone across Insatiable and Black Hole's eyes.

Early the next morning, at a time while the sky was still dark, a bone-chilling wind swept across the mountain, bringing the temperature further down to a mere few degrees above zero.

Bei Feng was already heading up towards the mountain peak in a leisurely manner. This bit of cold did not have any effects on him at all. In fact, Bei Feng was boiling with a strong sense of anticipation!

He could feel that today was going to be the day of his transformation! Thinking to this point, his speed was raised a notch.

The mountain peak was shrouded in a layer of mist. As the sun had not risen yet, the dark sky caused the thick mist to seem like a roiling black plume of cloud. It had merged perfectly with the darkness, causing one to be unable to tell the difference between mist and night.

Bei Feng assumed a stance and slowly opened up with a move. Every movement seemed to flow like water, and carried a unique charm to it. At the same time, a light tremor-like sound would accompany his moves, causing a strange sound to reverberate through the mountain peak.

When he finished the movement set, a strange sound like that of an accordion sounded from Bei Feng's throat as he inhaled deeply with his face pointed towards the East!

A thick purple ray the size of a mini-water barrel burst through the clouds in response, shooting towards him!

Traces of almost imperceptible purplish light could be seen trailing behind the purple ray. Following right after it was an entire blanket of sunlight!

If there was a slow motion camera replay available, one would be able to see that the purple ray appeared first, followed by the regular sunlight!

No matter how the regular sunlight chased, it could never match the speed of the purple ray!

It was more accurate to say that the purple first light was like a sharp sword, piercing through the clouds to herald the onset of daylight!

The thick ray of purple light was swallowed into Bei Feng's body like a whale drinking water!

An intense purple light immediately emanated from Bei Feng's body. Every part of his body had been dyed purple at this moment, and he resembled a pure purple jade!

The purple light seeped steadily into Bei Feng's bones, causing even his skeleton to glow!

A uncontrollable sense of itch appeared once again deep within his bones! This time, it was even more savage and painful!

It was so intense that Bei Feng felt a powerful urge to rip through his flesh to scratch at his bones!


A crisp sound reverberated from deep within Bei Feng's body!

Shocked, he hurriedly wrapped his perception into his body and immediately discovered the problem. The sound actually came from a bone!

Under the all-encompassing scan of his mental power, every minute change in his body was clearly reflected for him. A series of cracks had appeared on his toe bone!

"Pa! Pa!"

Before he had the chance to figure out the cause of the cracks, a bunch of loud crackling sounds burst out as if there were a bunch of firecrackers in his body!

In an instant, all the bones in his body—including his skull—were filled with numerous cracks!

Despite that, Bei Feng simply surveyed the situation calmly, as though he was looking from a distance at a stranger's body. His mental power seemed to have gotten an upgrade, allowing him to look from a detached angle at his own body.


A dull sound emanated from his body. In that moment, his body collapsed to the ground like a bag of jelly. All his bones had instantly turned into powder!

A crystallized gelatin shell remained around his organs, protecting them and retaining the shape of his body. The crystallized gelatin was then used to recast his skeleton, starting from the spine!

In this period of time, he absolutely could not make any movements at all. Or more accurately, he could not move even if he wanted to! There was no skeleton to support his body at all. He was simply like a jellyfish!

Of course, this did not mean that he was completely defenseless. The golden dagger was darting around Bei Feng's body at this moment, flickering about with a terrifying gleam on its edges!

If anyone approached within fifty meters of Bei Feng at this moment and did not leave even after being warned, he would kill without mercy!

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