Chapter 279 - F*ck, I Can't Open It...
The surface of the volcano was filled with huge scars, and not one's depths among them could be estimated. Beneath them was a raging sea of lava, and any who fell into it would be dead without a doubt!

Seeing that he had been blocked by a wall of lava, the youth could only turn around and flee down the volcano as fast as he could.

Between a treasure and his life, he could still make the correct choice.

The two who had been hit by the hallucinogen were in an extremely pitiful position at this time. They were groaning and trying to muster their strength to no avail. In the end, they could only watch as the scorching lava surrounded them and slowly closed in. Such hopelessness and despair was enough to cause anyone to suffer a mental breakdown!


The long repressed volcano finally erupted! An enormous amount of lava burst into the sky, turning into a jet of lava pillar several hundred meters tall!

Gigantic boulders and huge rocks were blasted high into the clouds before raining down in the far distance!

The ferocious creatures in the forest below suddenly lost all interest in their mutual slaughter. Even bumping into their most natural enemies would not result in any conflict. That was because every creature was rushing madly away from the volcano at this moment!

The all-encompassing volcanic ash filled the air, suffocating every living creature. Large amounts of debris and molten rocks were flung out of the volcano, landing in the forest. In the blink of an eye, the entire forest was plagued with countless huge fires!

A huge boulder the size of a house flew through the air, smashing towards the youth who was fleeing madly at the foot of the volcano. Its terrifying proportions, coupled with the immense speed it was flying at, left no time for the youth to react before he was directly crushed under it!

At the same time as Bei Feng was also reeling in the line madly, another boulder was blasted into the air. Atop it, one could see a blood-red carcass stuck to it!

Bei Feng raised his eyebrows with surprise and hurriedly poured his blood and Qi energy into the fishing rod. When the boulder flew within two meters of the line, he quickly controlled the fishing line and drove the hook into the boulder!

As it rose through the sky, the boulder swung heavily, causing the Sky Fire Spider to also slip a little as if it might drop at any moment.

Bei Feng stabilized the line and continued reeling firmly. A black vortex suddenly appeared in the sky. This vortex was only two meters wide, but the over twenty-meter-big boulder was easily swallowed into the vortex.

Bei Feng had been worried the entire time that the red carcass would fall off the boulder. But fortunately, there were no accidents even as he pulled it through the well.

The boulder was glowing red with heat, and was over ten meters tall and twenty meters wide. The moment it appeared in the garden, countless grass and flowers began to dry and wither at a visible rate!

"Ding! Peak Grade 7 Demonic Beast obtained, Sky Fire Spider! (This creature has a tough outer carapace and excellent elusive movements. It is a natural predator, and its silk can be used to make protective equipments. Its inner dan contains the Alchemist Azure Fire, and can be used to cleanse and temper the body. The fire can also be used to refine pills.) Experience gained: 350,000!"

"Ding! Grade 1 Item obtained, Volcanic Boulder! (A boulder refined within a volcano for thousands of years. Can be used to craft weapons.) Experience gained: 400!"

Bei Feng widened his eyes with shock. "I only randomly caught this boulder after seeing a carcass on it. But its value is actually so high! I'm already halfway through the experience points required to reach Grade 4 Fisherman!"

The Fusang Wood Fishing Rod returned to his body. After that, he went forwards and separated the Sky Fire Spider's carcass from the rock.

This Sky Fire Spider was only about three meters long even with its legs stretched out. However, it weighed several ten thousand jin!

From this, one could tell how compact its cells were! Any other item of similar size would already be considered not bad if they managed to weigh one or two thousand jin!

The boulder had been spat out from the scorching lava, so it was still radiating intense heat. Bei Feng completely ignored it for the moment. A Grade 1 item was negligible to him at this point.

Bei Feng examined the Grade 7 Sky Fire Spider closely. This Sky Fire Spider's outer carapace was filled with cracks, but it had not broken yet.

It was completely blood-red in color, and numerous unknown patterns or strange runes could be seen on it.

Its limbs were were over two meters long, each one like a long blade!

The Sky Fire Spider was not like other spider-type Demonic Beast. It did not have any hair on its body, and its limbs were as red as fire!

Bei Feng could feel an intense heat radiating from it constantly. The tips of its legs were even several hundred degrees Celsius in temperature!

With a move of his intent, the golden flying dagger shot out and circled around him.

"Break!" Bei Feng commanded with a light shout. In an instant, the golden dagger sliced forward at a speed three times the speed of sound, striking against the carapace which could fall apart at any moment!


A loud clang like two pieces of metal smashing together sounded through the yard. The golden dagger was actually deflected!

Bei Feng widened his eyes with disbelief. This was only the second time he had seen the flying dagger fail to pierce something!

The first time was with the White Jade Fishing Rod. The flying dagger had only managed to cut through half of the fishing line. And this time, Bei Feng did not even see any marks left behind by the dagger on the Sky Fire Spider!

Bei Feng refused to believe his luck. He powered the flying dagger with all his power and concentrated his mental power to the extreme!

"Weng, weng!"

The flying dagger began to vibrate fiercely before appearing before the Sky Fire Spider's abdomen in an instant!


It was still the same loud metallic sound, but the Sky Fire Spider's body was sent flying dozens of meters away this time. But when Bei Feng went up to inspect it, he only found a light scratch on the Sky Fire Spider's carapace, not even one centimeter deep.

In contrast, the golden flying dagger seemed to have suffered heavier damage. The glow accompanying it had dimmed slightly, scaring Bei Feng into keeping the dagger. He didn't dare to use the flying dagger against the Sky Fire Spider anymore.

With a thought, the flying dagger flew back into his body. Large amounts of blood and Qi energy flooded over to it, causing it to slowly regain its light. Only then did Bei Feng loose a breath of relief.

"The sturdiness of this carapace is truly unbelievable! Just what kind of force was able to reduce it to such a state?"

Now that he had personally tested out the strength of the Sky Fire Spider's carapace himself, he did not believe that this was something that could be caused by the lava.

Even lava could not melt something that was this sturdy, much less cause so much damage and cracks to it!

Bei Feng could not do anything about the Sky Fire Spider for now, so he could only keep it into his storage ring to handle in the future.

"At my current level, there's no way I can break open the Sky Fire Spider's carapace. Unless the flying dagger evolved again, or I managed to fish up some divine weapon capable of smashing the carapace apart."

The flying dagger could rely on its owner's blood and Qi energy to temper it, allowing it to reach a higher grade. However, it was unknown how much time was needed for that!

The items gained from fishing also depended heavily on luck. It was not something which one could put their hopes in.

Bei Feng once again saw how minuscule and insignificant he was. He could not even break through the carapace of a dead spider! But having gained the ability to fish items out of other worlds, the human race would not be lacking in creatures like the Sky Fire Spider in the future!

"At the end of the day, I still don't have enough strength!" Bei Feng muttered. He knew that he would definitely encounter even more powerful beasts and enemies in the future!

If his own growth could not match up to his Fisherman Grade, he would be forced to stop using the Myriad Heavens Fishing System.

He could not possibly expect such good luck every single time! If he somehow caught a formidable beast and realized that he was not their match only after he had removed the hook, he would be in a real pickle! If he did not remove the hook, he would not be able to fish forever. What will he do at that time?