Chapter 3: Parasomnia

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She had eyes made of dark green emerald; that turned into half sun when exposed to straight light or smile. But her smile was rare; he didn’t know why and that was just another question from the pile of his lost memory. He had guessed about her happy expressions only when he saw her standing on the roadside, facing morning beams. She knew him but to an extent he knew her_ from a discovered corner of his heart that he was forced to forget by the suited assassins. Surely, the pushed back memories into the sub conscious were so strong that they kept tickling back into his vision.

The path was chosen by her. She turned from streets to roads and roads to streets like a robotic gps guide. With every turn to a new way, grey roads became messier; wrappers colored the untidy roadsides and stripped newspapers floated in the cracked drainage concrete. The park laughers sounded distant; artificially set up to an extent because if the park was the entrance to the city, it didn’t match the scenario ahead. Frost had wrapped the warmth of life into silence, even the sun had its rays broken and deceasing.

Alex viewed through the posters while walking by this mysterious fragile girl; not because he was asked to trust her friendliness (there was none visible), but because he didn’t know where else to go. But oh, wait, he stopped at a poster where he could see some sprinkled red liquid_ blood?

“Where are we going… umm… Chris…ty?” unsure of her name, he still broke the silence. She stopped too and the examined the blooded poster like she didn’t understand the point of it.

“I don’t know Alex. I’m just doing my job I think. I can’t give you the answers because I don’t have them”

Nervous, wasn’t she? The blood on poster had drained some blood from her pink cheeks too; resultantly she was hesitant to step ahead but then anyways, she took another turn

“We are close… the city is there; you hear the crowd’s buzz?”

“City of wolves prolly?” Alex sarcastically kicked a stone away from the path while following her direction. The stone rolled faster than them and landed hushed with a thump by hitting against the neat boots of a man. Lines appeared on Alex’s forehead. The man stood at some distance, gazed back at Alex. Suited accurately like the ones he left in the killer building of NYSO inc. , it wasn’t hard to recognize him as one of them. Alex rushed ahead by holding Chirsty’s hand, nearly dragging her along him. The man had already got company who instantly had pulled out his phone to contact somewhere and report of their sight.

“Run… they are bad men” Alex became faster while conveying his warning to panicked Christy. As a reaction, they started to walk faster towards them.

Christy was right; there was a pool of people at some distance. They didn’t seem very normal but to Alex, saving himself from the coat and ties was the most prior decision at that time. People walked through stalls and market blocks in slow motion, dizzy and nearly sleepy. To get blended in the crowd, Alex and Christy had to force slow down their feet. They lowered their heads, Christy slide her visor cap and let he hair locks hide her face sides. Alex had no such fashions available on himself, so he only dangled down his shoulders to look lesser tall and prayed to trick the NYSO men by luck.

“How do you know they are bad men, they are well dressed and neat” Christy secretly muttered to him.

“Yea, well dressed in this zombie like population” Alex irritatingly shook his sideways. The passengers passed meeting eyes with him_ sick eyes tucked in swollen eyelids. Didn’t they sleep?

“These people are staying awake forcefully?” he spoke while noticing an old man shuddering himself out of closing eyelids.

“I don’t know” Christy answered without looking around; “Will those bad men hurt us if they find us?”

Before Alex could reply back, a strange roar emerged from the left side of the crowd. Following the wild sounds, the crowd started to scream and disperse in utter fright. Alex and Christy rushed away from the path quickly and ran to the right stalls. Falling and retreating, they nearly crawled through the under tables and hid themselves under a table cloth.

“What’s happening?” Christy nearly whispered but her whisper had a distinct shiver of worry in it.

The roars grew nearer and they could realize that the sounds were clearly human. Before any more hypothesis guesses, a middle aged man appeared in the circle of their sight; ran aggressively towards a nearby escaper and attacked with his open mouth on his prey. His human incisors roughly pierced the victim’s arm skin. He tried to push back the mad man and cried for help but the mad man kept feeding on the wound. Seeing the crowd’s helplessness, Alex gnashed his teeth and made up his mind to jump out for help. Christy’s warnings were ignored but the next moment, the whole scene changed. They saw a bullet flying through air pinned through the madman’s forehead and he was dropped dead beside the fallen shivering victim. As expected, the bullet came from NYSO men’s shining pistols. Following the direction of their bullet, the both men themselves walked calmly towards the dead beast.

“What about you tell us both here what’s happening… you led me here” Alex infuriatingly turned his distress towards Christy. She in return started to shed tears voicelessly as she was very frightened herself.

“I don’t know. I knew nowhere else to go. This way was fed in my brain that you will come and I will lead… lead… sighs” she sobbed. Alex watched her doll like eyes under her wet lashes and his heart beat like cracking the ice away. A wave of warmth ran through his spinal. She was just so memory-less like him; but maybe she knew a little more. He kept his palm over her hand to expect providing some comfort to her.

Moments later, the deadly sound of another fire made both of them jumped at their places. To Alex surprise, this time the dead man was the poor victim whose blood soaked the mud near NYSO men’s clean boots. Why?


Before he could spontaneously jump out to question their move, Christy stopped him “He is justly killed, he got infected with Parasomnia” Alex looked at her in surprise thus she further explained, “There is a leak of virus in Artax Park. They call it Parasomnia. The park side from where we came is the start of city safe zone; we moved opposite to it”

Again the obvious question of “Why” made Alex grind his teeth in unrest. Christy figured that out but she helplessly stole eyes as she didn’t know the answer. All she could add more was: “I really don’t know these bad men”

“Where are we headed to… from here? Ask your brain map” he asked as well as commented.

“Towards the west” Christy and Alex looked out again. The crowd had started to move on with their nearly humanly walks. The dead ones were roughly wrapped in plastics and were now being dragged out of their sight carefully not to be touched by them. The Parasomnia exposed its claws in sleep so the infected ones were afraid to fall asleep. That totally explained their swollen eyes nearly bulging out in frustration. But it didn’t happen with him or with Christy. Were they immune to it? He didn’t know it either. The loss of previous memories had put him to zero point; his each step ahead only widened his new image of the world. Like a neutral, he was absolutely himself without etiquettes and covers_ wild, spontaneous and curious.

“Move this way” Alex quickly budged back as soon as the NYSO men turned their back towards where Alex and Christy were hidden. They crawled out at the back side and ran to the crowd within a couple of eye blinks. NYSO men’s gaze still searched for something in the crowd but they seemed unsure of where to step. The aggressive virus had upset the chase, hence provided the couple with enough space to grow a fair distance between them and the NYSO men.

Soon after the market blocks were left behind and they were letting out their sighs in relief, Alex noticed the network of building towers standing gravely and far from them. White building towers; was it the west side where Christy had pointed? Alex shifted his concentration to Christy, but as he shifted his focus, he could view another man in the same formal attire, watching her through his sniper scope pointed at her. With an alarming push he warned her of the target, followed by her frightened sprint towards the opposite pool of people. To keep her in sight was no more appropriate, because just then a scratch-less limousine screeched tires by his side. Alex stood frozen at his place as the dark mirror of the car lowered smoothly and the face he could see; he had seen it before.

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