Chapter 3: script snippet
Otty tends to write everywhere and with any tools at hand. Usually pages scripts are scribbled illegibly in tiny notepads and related to Sonya verbally (or occasionally in an impromptu bout of performance art), and so is less than ideal for sharing here. The following, however, was found typed on his iPad. This would have been what was emailed to Sonya to initiate pencils on the corresponding pages. -- Chapter 3 Page 1 We join Zukah, Darius and Daphne in a bar to celebrate their first job together going well. They spend a minute talking about how the Gelthir and Kongohl need up being set up with a nice stretch of green land by trading their gold weapons and armour for it. There's plenty for everybody and so there's no need for them to fight any longer. They live on neighbouring plots of land now, and will put the skills they learned farming a mostly barren wasteland to good use on the fertile soil. Zukah asks if portals are often big enough so that such a large group of aliens come through, and he's told about how they can vary hugely in size, shape, colour, even the sounds they make. "There was one a few months back that swallowed an entire city." Page 2 "Bullshit. Really? What?!" "Our Ma was in town at the time. Along with a lot of friends and Daphne's vet clinic. All gone. Nothing out there but forest now." "Holy crow, man. I'm sorry." "...We've been coping. Daphne's been helping me with my mission since her clinic was lost. And Ma... Well, Ma was young when she had us. It was Nanma who actually raised us, while Ma just kept on living the life she wanted to live. Still sucks, losing her, but we weren't as close as you'd think." Awkward silence as they all fidget with their drinks/coasters, looking uncomfortable with eyes downcast. Outside the plate glass window behind them we can just see Hrothgar approaching the building. Zukah breaks the silence. "Let's get another round." "No man. We've still got that appointment that I told you about. We should get going." Hrothgar walks in the door. From off-panel Zukah starts arguing with Darius. "C'mon, one more drink! Five more minutes won't kill ya!" Page 3 Daphne is shaking her head doubtfully, saying how they don't want to keep their appointment waiting, but Zukah is hearing none of it and flags down a waitress for another round. Darius argues, says that Zukah can stay if he wants but he and Daphne -- and the beer money -- are leaving. Zukah gets pissy. What about his payment for helping out at the portal site? Darius said clothes, beer and groceries bare minimum! "Yeah, well you're already wearing the clothes and the beer, the grocery store's closed, and now you're trying to blow off the job you originally said you'd help me with!" "I already ordered the beer! You won't miss a appointment but you'll welsh on a bar tab?" Daphne touches Darius' sleeve and says she can handle it herself. Zukah earned some time to unwind -- he did fight off two small alien armies today. She'll come back to pick them up after she's done with their sick friend. Darius checks to see if she's sure, and she assures him that Zukah needs him more than she does. They look back to Zukah. He's doing something questionable to prove her point. "Don't judge me, leprechaun!" "...Fine." Page 4 Daphne exits the tavern, slipping past Hrothgar with an "excuse me." He turns to watch her go, an appreciative smile on his face as he strokes his beard. Seems about to follow, but the waitress' tray loaded with Zukah's beer catches his eye and he grins, snatching Zukah's cup from the tray. He quaffs it, Zukah sees and stands up outraged. Darius tries to calm him but nope. Zukah gets in Hrothgar's face. Hrothgar calmly drains his cup and then attacks with the cup. Zukah lands through a table, looks up with burning eyes. Time to fight again.