Chapter 3 Storyboard Sneak Peek (Part 1)
Hi everybody! Chapter 2 is complete and in the can so I decided to go ahead and release all chapter 2 pages to view for free. If you're a new visitor, please go back and read chapter 1 first to get all caught up. 

I'm running a little behind on releasing the next page, which is the first page of chapter 3. But it should be ready by next Monday. In the meantime I figured I would give y'all a sneak peek at the chapter 3 storyboard. This graphic shows panels taken from the first 4-1/2 pages of chapter 3. I'll issue another sneak that covers the other 4-1/2 pages later. (That's right, this chapter goes 9 pages large. My hand is already cramping from the thought.)

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