Chapter 4 - Storyboard teaser
Hello good people of the interwebs.

Here it is - The storyboard for chapter 4.

The conversion of this chapter into comicbook form has been orchestrated by yours truly and illustrated by the very talented Ceileen T. Syamriani from Singapore.

Ceileen is an up and coming young graphic artist currently under education expanding her talents.

She graciously took it upon herself to transform Chapter 4 - The Hole into storyboard form and what a glorious job she did.

I really like her take on the storyline and think she has a good talent for the graphic arts and converting the written word.

I really enjoyed working with her and am expecting her to put the finishing touch on Chapter 3 - Coming home, the chapter originally illustrated by our dear Argentinian graphic artist Gustavo, who due to relocation and other reasons, has had to pass the torch on to another graphic artist, so as to keep the project progressing. He has added tremendously to Reckoning and will be sorely missed.

As for chapter 4, we might be tweaking it again once we are in 3D production - But as a roadmap I am very satisfied and hope you feel the same.

If you would like to speed up the 3D Production I suggest you sign up as a Patron immediately - I offer a full money back guarantee so there is nothing to worry about in that respect - You can read more about that on the project main presentation page.

I hope you have enjoyed and wish you a great day!

See you soon

Best Regards


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