Ichiya Fort / Overnight Fort

Raviara and I made our 「triumphant return」 to the fort.

Since the enemy in the fort had been totally destroyed, the thirst of blood had already disappeared.

「We have succeeded in repelling Mineria's invaders! Even up to the fort's base is replete with enemy's bodies!」

A deep voice sounded when I lifted my sword.

It was followed by a great shouts of joy. Upon hearing their voices, I had a hunch that I finally could take a break.

Even  so, I can't take it easy for so long. I must have a conversation with  the general Shivik about what we will do from now on. Although strictly  speaking I'm the current general, but it is easier for me to call Shivik  as general than for his name.

After the general gave a respectful greeting, he came to me.

「I  will inform the viscount immediately about how you played a great role  in this victory. The witnesses are all the soldiers in this fortress!」

「No, if it were for me, I don't know how everything would have ended. It's everyone's victory」

「The  enemy was certainly wiped out. Currently, the bodies of the enemy are  being thrown into the river outside of the fortress. Since they will rot  if you let them be」

At the back of the fort there is a cliff that connects to a river, so at that point is something very useful.

「Thanks, general. I was just thinking of consulting with you about our next steps」

「This fortress general is Alsrod-sama. Please call me Shivik」

「Okay, Shivik. Let's call a war council」

At the innermost room in the fortress, three people were talking, Shivik, Raviara and me.

「Although  we were able to defend the fortress, in all honesty, we were on the  defensive. And being on the defensive won't solve anything. Rather, it's  just as difficult as not being able to steal enemy's lands」

There  is a long river flowing between Neville Territory and Mineria  Territory,  The stream of the river itself is not rapid, but there is a  large benchland on the east side of the fortress. There is hill on the  other side but it's not big and its slope is low.

「The  enemy is building a fortress in the opposite shore. If we can't make  the enemy give up this fortress, it will be difficult to reverse our  situation...」

Shivik  drops his finger on the map. This general has been on active duty for a  long time. If this person says it, it's good enough for me.

Certainly  we will not be able to completely escape of this crisis since there are  a large number of enemies stationed in the opposite shore.

Raviara  was staring with troubled look at the area around the river near where  Shivik had pointed on the map. I'm sure she is thinking of some strategy  to escape this predicament. Since Raviara liked to develop strategies  from a long time ago.

「Do  you want to initiate a night attack from our side? Since the river  flows even at night, the noise of the river will camouflage the steps of  our march」

I see. Certainly the noise will be erased by the river. It means giving back what the enemy have done to us. Butー

「The problem is that we don't have enough soldiers to conquer a fortress...」

Even  the enemy will defend the fort they built. It doesn't seem to be huge  so it's unlikely they have placed all their soldiers inside, but still,  since they have taken over that location they can do a long term attack.

Those soldiers who couldn't enter the fortress given the size will surely be recruited for the moment they are going to attack.

「If only we could strike the enemy or at least create an unfavorable situation for them... Raviara can not think of anything...」

It seems that even the intelligent Raviara can't think of anything...

But again, I felt as if I could hear a voice in my head.

ーーThere is nothing to worry about. You have the power to see the experiences of the Monarch.

Intuitively, I came up with an strange plan.

I don't know how much feasibility this plan will have, and it may even fail if there are not enough builders soldiers.

「Hey, I've thought of a good idea or rather a plan」

I glanced at Raviara and then Shivik.

「Listen to me. I will build something that it will disturb the enemy」

The reaction to my plan was much better than I expected. I thought they would tell me things like it's impossible or give up.

「If  we don't do something unexpected like that at least, surely it will be  impossible for us to turn the state of the war around. Let's do it!」

The plan was carried out two days later at dusk.

We crossed the river when the enemy was already asleep.

If we were to attack the enemy's fortress, the enemy would notice us immediately and I would never do something like that.

What I'm aiming to is a hill that lies in north side of the enemy's fortress.

I have been able to reach my target without being attacked.

Now all we have to do is dig hard.

I will make sure that the enemy can't attack us in the only direction that they may come.

If they tried that, I had planned to receive them with archers but it seems that there is no movement.

「Listen  well, guys! It's a race against time! It won't be a joke what will  happen to us if we don't finish before dawn! All the orders will be  issued by me! I want everyone to put their trust in me!」

The soldiers began to work at full speed.

Truly, they were working more serious than what I had thought.

It  must surely be because I came on my own to the front lines. The  soldiers who stayed behind are probably thinking that if it is for me  they can die.

So  far the only person I could call as a friend was only the person I grew  up with, Raviara. As for my older brother, he didn't even grant me a  decent military force.

But I have the feeling that something changed when I came to this fortress.

I, perhaps, possess the qualities to command soldiers and generals.

Or  this is also due to the mysterious Job called Oda Nobunaga? If this Oda  Nobunaga was the name of a hero, then perhaps this hero possessed a  charismatic character.

Finally the evening was ending and the sky was beginning to light.

「Thank you, everyone. We did it somehow」

In just one night we were able to build a fortress of dirt at the north side of the enemy's fortress.

That's right, this was my strategy.

With a fortress right next to the enemy, we can station our soldiers.

By  having a fortress the other side can't be careless, and more than  anything, our fortress is in the enemy's territory. They will not be  able to neglect it.

Although  I say this, we can't take it easy either. Since the enemy could attack  us immediately. Besides, the fortress was built in a hurry. The fortress  was built in such a way that it can be defended with arrows and spears,  but even so, there are many parts that are incomplete, so we have no  choice but to continue building it even during the day.

ーーWell  done. This is indeed, the plan of a Monarch. By creating a fortress in  just one day, the enemy will lose their spirit, inducing chaos among  them. Use this power to your heart's content.

I heard that voice again.

I'll try to talk to him from my side.

Hey, are you, Oda Nobunaga, a hero?

ーーIndeed,  Oda Nobunaga is the name of a Monarch. But now it's nothing more than a  Job. However, since you possess the qualities to succeed the Job of the  Monarch,  I'm only lending you my power as a Job. I don't possess the  power or the privilege to control you, so rest assured.

Are  there even Jobs you can communicate with? Although this is an irregular  Job, can I believe it? No matter if I doubt it, there is no way to  erase Jobs. If this is a demon, then it's already too late to deal with  it.

ーーEven the monarch was ridiculed as a fool in his youth. Even so, he became a famous hero. Even you can do that.

Those words, let me believe those words.

In panic, a soldier came to relay a message.

「The enemy is attacking!」

So far everything goes as planned.

「Okay, everyone, to defend until death! The enemy is agitated! There is possibility of victory!」

TN: Ichiya means literally "one night", and it refers to the castle called Sunomata Castle, which according to legend was built overnight.