The Chapter 5 Kickstarter has arrived!

Hey guys! The Mystery Babylon Chapter 5 Kickstarter Launched today! WOOHOO! As of right now, we're about 42% towards funding our goal! Please help spread the word so we can get the graphic novel funded!

Time to step my comic-making into gear! I want to finish the chapter up before the Kickstarter ends, so we can go to print ASAP! That is... as long as we meet our goal! :0 

Just a reminder to my Patron's that if you have a $5 or higher tier, you will already be getting the Chapter 5 Digital PDF! For anyone wanting a printed graphic novel, there are still early bird rewards available! Go get 'm!

Thanks always for you support guys. It means so much to me. Glad to be able to share the teasers and comic pages with you guys first. The best way I know how to say THANK YOU!!!! 

<3 Val