Chapter 5: Karma

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Sometimes just a moment is enough to shatter the whole building of our self made opinions. An unexpected realization, an epiphany or a sudden exposure of truth might turn our authentic philosophies upside down, roll our dreams into mud and nothingness and put a question mark over the subjects that we might have been holding the dearest to our hearts.

The blood relation, which the picture showed between Christy and David Block, was one of such moments for Alex. He tried to shun what his eyes had seen; he moved his picture in his hand towards and away from his face; tried to look at Christy from different angles and focal points; was there any way he could deny that it was her? Same eyes, same distinctive corners of lips, slim persona and fresh face; while standing with his worst enemy she looked in her best spirits. With his utmost efforts, he tried to hate her at that moment but why his heart wouldn’t just spit some poison for her? May be it was a mistake? May be he was yet not be able to recall a lot about his past; and her relation with David Block seemed to be among some cards which were missing from his partially returned memory.

The moment Alex was trying to undo the shock of seeing Christy with David, silent footsteps leaped over the violently tossed chairs and fallen furniture items. The men in suits moved towards him, like consistently moving machines, without any minute sounds. While Alex was busy rubbing his temples with his senses focused on the picture, he received a sharp hit on the back of his skull. The picture fell through his hand and before he could retreat, another man came forward and covered his half face with a lightly moist handkerchief. The faces he watched before blacking out were of the same men who once moved under his command.

“Call the boss, tell him we got Alex” one of the three men instructed while dragging the unconscious man. But neither of the two moved spontaneously. With some lines of worry on their foreheads, they exchanged eyes with each other.

“What about the damage, Tony. We got this man quite late.”

“Fight… there was a little fight.” Tony shook head carelessly, and continued to drag Alex out of room.

Wind blew through his hair and sunrays knocked at his closed eyelids to whisper them to open. He was lying on the soft bed of grass while his eyes were faced towards up in the blue clear sky. He flapped his lashes again and again to regain his broken flow with the consciousness. He moved his palms over the fresh grass beneath him, brushed its erect tips with fingers and sat up slowly with some deliberate effort to view where he had been thrown to. The colors were distinct and full of spring; the veil of the sky and bed of greenery met together in the blurred horizon.

“Where am I?” Alex wondered how far was this place from the grey skies and snowy trees of Artex Park. Right then, soft feminine moans made him tilt eyes towards his side. At some distance a young couple rolled into each other’s arms; most probably without realizing his presence so near to them. Their perfection and the painted accuracy of nature around him suddenly started to seem artificial to Alex. Was this real? As the thought grew intense; he decided to make the couple aware of his presence.

“Excuse me?” he weakly spoke. The couple instantly stopped giggling with each other as if wondering about his existence. He wasn’t supposed to be here.

Within seconds, the scenery blurred out. Alex rubbed his eyes but the couple staring at him, kept running distant. Dark clouds blinded his vision and continued to push him back into unconsciousness. He screamed for help but his voice was captured and eaten by the darkness within a few moments.

“Help… hel…” He couldn’t move his limbs or his head. An instance of hush was then screeched by a boisterous noise. The cool breeze had gone and now it was a grey shade of hotness that made his skin shine within seconds.

He forced open his eyes and put hands over his ears to tolerate the deafening noise of cracking machines. The green serenity was no longer around. He was tucked on a bench at an underground railway station and the noise was of a silver bronze running train. Dull golden station lamps hung and swung with a metallic rattle.

At his left side, an old woman was sitting, who also seemed unaware of his presence. Strange. She was wearing a showy red lipstick and her eyes were blackened by a lot of makeup. She repeatedly touched her white hair to keep them set down her shoulders. He went on watching her youthful preparations that didn’t match her wrinkled age. At last the train had stopped. She got up with a style and cat-walked in her high heels towards a cabin at her right. Like before, she ignored him completely; or maybe he was invisible to her. Instead of trying to make her look at him, this time Alex got and walked behind her.

Her guest had already stepped from the train. But the man, to Alex’s horror; he was only a skeleton wearing a formal suit. Alex kept hand over his mouth and started to run in the opposite dimension. He screamed to call the police, tripped at a couple of placing and tried to collect people by his side.

“There is a monster in here. Help please… over there. Run! Get outta here” Alex shouted while running and didn’t see or listen to anything. Exit door was approaching near fast. At once a voice made him put brakes to his feet,

“Dream…” His eyes were elated and his chest pumped rigorously; he looked around like a mad man and screamed again.

“Christy! Its you. Where are you?”

The voice moved nearer to him; it was more of a whimper than a loud assertion.

“Dream…” she was saying


“It’s a dream, Alex”

And dream had monsters.

Alex stuck at his place, thinking of all the changing scenarios. It wasn’t real. Nothing was real here; neither the green scenery nor this rattling train and the skeleton man. He tried hard to think of a starting edge but failed. At once he grew tired of all the fuss; he rested his back against a wall and dragged himself down to the ground.

“help me… Christy” he murmured helplessly.

Christy had now appeared to his sight with her whole freshness. Focusing her lively bright eyes into his red ones, she spoke slowly

“Hush Alex…” She moved to the exit door, switched it open and nearly pulled Alex out of it. Alex helped her in being dragged along, but didn’t bother to stand up once he was out into the corridor. Surprisingly, there were no people in the corridor except Alex and Christy.

Christy took a deep breath and calmly sat with him on the floor.

“They have captured you and now you are wandering from dream to dream.” She started to explain. Alex tilted head towards her, suddenly looked tired and exhausted at the whole maze of this emerging confusion. Christy continued,

“You have to wake up Alex. This is a game of illusions. You must find…”

“Find what?” Alex startled.

“Life… The code.” She whispered secretly, “the alphabets must be collected to this code. Only then you can wake up” Saying this, Christy moved away from him.

“Wait, how do you know?” Alex restlessly crawled towards her but their distance grew larger the corridor blurred along her presence.

“Wait… tell me… Christy”

“Because you know… Alex… And I am inside you” Her distant whisper echoed in the corridor.

“Stop please…” He shouted but once again he was thrown into the darkness and when the clouds swept away, Alex found himself standing in a valley between lifeless ranges of snow covered mountains.

The sky was blue without any cotton clouds and there was no sun. He couldn’t spot life anywhere at first but suddenly a hawk’s screech attracted his attention. The dreamer was sitting on a huge hawk that dived down, cutting the air; it landed near Alex. The dreamer seemed excited to have experienced a flight in the sky.

As the dreamer climbed down the hawk to pat over its feathers, Alex’s lips smiled for the first time. A gold chain with a pendant of alphabet “L” was hanging loosely in the hawk’s feathery neck. As Alex stared into the alphabet, the pendant clinked open and dropped into the bed of snow.

The action made the dreamer alarmed and Alex became visible to him.  Right there appeared an earthquake and the pieces of the dream scattered apart instantly.

With the blink of an eye, the scene changed into a city market where people and cars passed in hurry beside Alex and another dreamer.

There, the rest was easy; Alex knew what to do.

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