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Chapter 5, page 5 This week's page!

I put off this update for a bit because I needed to compose the below. It's important, so please read it when you get the chance.

You may have gotten an email that we reached the $100 per page mark! This is, it turns out, not the case. As you can see on the front of my creator page now, we're at $90 a page. This isn't (as far as I can tell) because of any cancelled pledges. This is actually because Patreon is piloting a change wherein instead of showing the gross amount pledged to a creator, they show the amount less fees taken by Patreon and whatever payment system you use. I don't know why you still got an email for reaching the goal, though--I did not, and it's been a few weeks in fact since Patreon let me know they were piloting this change on my page. I like this change, because it's a little more honest than what they were showing before, but it doesn't fix the big issue I have with Patreon.

Second order of business, then: I still don't actually make $90/page. I make $90 for the first page each month, and then substantially less each page thereafter, due to the way people cap their pledges. I feel like I've mentioned this before, but: please consider changing the way you pledge, if you are one of the people who caps after one or two pages. Instead of pledging a buck and capping at $1 or $2, consider pledging $0.25 and capping at $1. The difference between how much I make from Patreon at the beginning of the month and the end of the month is substantial (the last page of this month is going to be $60! That's a drop of 33%!) and it's frustrating for me for book-keeping reasons. Plus, the way Patreon continually gives me different accounts of what I'm supposed to receive from them each month (which then differs from what I actually get!!!) makes this whole process very frustrating to keep track of.

The main damage of this thing though is that I can potentially end up doing a lot of extra work for reward tiers I'm not actually at. When we got to the $50/page milestone to start doing Tape Hiss again, the same thing held true--I only made $50 for the first page of the month. This is a lot of extra work to do when I'm only at a milestone once a month! And--in case you didn't know--I have a full-time day job on top of comic work. I'm gone about 12 hours a day. I really struggle to keep up on my  workload sometimes. To continue to impose that workload on myself when I'm not being paid at the price I set wouldn't be a real fair way to treat myself.

I don't know what I'm going to do about that just yet, but here's the final thing to take away from this: I am getting rid of the $15 and $20 reward tiers. This doesn't affect most of you, but there it is! I have enough trouble keeping up with what I have now, and in the case of the sketchbook reward tier, I feel like that's not actually worth it to anyone--when I take out the stuff I can't show anyone (spoilery stuff, mostly) I don't have much left in terms of sketchbook pages to give as a reward. It's not worth it!

In any case, thank you for reading and pledging and generally being awesome! If you have any questions or anything, please let me know. Thanks!