High in the sky above the magical forest, a black airplane seemed to be flying in the sky.  Well, only a person who came from Earth would probably think that way. However, if one looked closely, he would clearly see that it wasn't an airplane but a black avian magical beast shaped like an airplane. This black avian magical beast was none other than one of the Kougala demon beasts.

After Longwei gave two of the Kougala demon beasts to Feng Ping so he can start moving his people from the Nine Seas Alliance to the Yang Empire, he had only one Kougala demon beast left, and a lot of demons and people to carry with him deep within the magical beast forest. 

In order for all the demons, as well as the handful of demons, that were accompanying him to fit into the one remaining Kougala demon beast, Longwei made the Kougala demon beast transform into the shape of an airplane. 

The Kougale demon beast can only transform into things or beasts that it had seen before. However, due to Longwei;s Gamer's Godship as well as the master-servant contract with the Kougala demon beast, he was able to send an image of an airplane into the Kougala's mind via his mental connection skill. Because of that, the Kougala demon beast was able to transform into the shape of an airplane that was more than a hundred meters long.

Inside the Kougala demon beast, there were three rows of seats filled with demons and humans. Despite being in the same room with a handful of humans, the demons didn't dare act rashly. They just sat in their seats like a bunch of exemplary students.

Set aside from the rows of seats, there was another room separate from the crowd. It would have been the first class section if this was a real airplane. The inside of that room resembled a real living room, with chairs, tables, and some sort of couch inside. It was truly a marvelous sight. One might even think that this was the inside of a real airplane if they did not see the avian beast.

Longwei and his companions, along with the three demon commanders, were sitting inside that room. 

"So you're telling me that the nine Grand Dukes of the Demon continent rarely went out?" sitting on the couch with Scarlet and Sylvia, Longwei listened attentively to the information given to him by the Demon commanders. 

After he learned that the nine Grand Dukes were the apostles of the Devil in this world, Longwei wanted to know more about them. Even though he is considered as the strongest being within the Archaic continent, he knew that he wasn't a match for the Grand Dukes. The demon Grand Dukes were a bunch of old monsters that had been living for centuries, and some of them had lived for a thousand years, so one can imagine how much power and experience they accumulated during those years.

"Yes master, they rarely came out or go into battle. Even though you defeated and killed most of our army, they still won’t take action. Only if you were able to defeat all of the 72 demon commanders would you gain their attention. They would view you as a real threat then, and come to eradicate you." answered Anastassia respectfully as she bowed in front of Longwei.

"So you guys don't know anything about the power of the Grand Dukes?”

"From what we know, each of the nine Grand Dukes possesses a core bestowed to them by the Devil, who is considered as the god of all the demons dwelling in the Abyss realm. This realm is the what other races consider to be the birthplace of all darkness in the world.”

“According to the legends, the Devil controls the sources of all types of dark energy, and each core given to a Grand Duke has a direct link to its matching source. The stronger the Grand Duke, the more power he or she will be able to draw from that source. The power of the core increases as each Grand Duke gets stronger, and each Grand Duke possesses a different type of core, which corresponds to a different type of darkness energy. That is the difference between the regular demons and the Grand Dukes. Not only do they possess immense strength acquired through training, but they also possess the power of the source given to them by the Devil.”

“So then the nine Grand Dukes were there during the invasion of the Sacred Mainland?” asked Longwei. If the nine Grand Dukes possessed the power given to them by the Devil, then they must have been here five thousand years ago when the invasion occurred. 

"No, three of the original nine Grand Dukes managed to break the limit of this world and fly upwards to the Divine realm. As such, three new Grand Dukes were appointed. Also, some of the 72 commanders have managed to kill some of the weaker Grand Dukes and acquired their cores, thereby becoming new Grand Dukes" explained Anastassia.

"I see. How strong are the other commanders above you?"  

"We don't really know how strong the other commanders above us are, but they are each considered as the most powerful demons below the nine Grand Dukes. also, each of them has their own small army bestowed upon them by the Grand Dukes they serve."

Listening to Anastassia explanation, Longwei was very pleased, even though she wasn’t able to answer every question. He also can see that the three demon commanders were telling him the truth. If it wasn’t for the fact that the three demon commanders weren’t able to separate their souls from their body, he would have already killed one of them and absorbed their soul to obtain all the information he wanted. Unlike humans, the demons soul and body were united into one, and unless those demons became extremely powerful, they were not able to separate their souls from their bodies.. 

'Well no matter how strong the 72 commanders are, I will crush them one by one.' thought Longwei. 

He was also rather happy knowing that the nine Grand Dukes wouldn't come out even though he had killed a bunch of their subordinates. He would have plenty of time to raise a strong army as well as level up. Ignoring Longwei was the biggest mistake the nine Grand Dukes could make. 

"Now, can you tell me more about the structure of the Demon continent?"

"People seem to be mistaken about the demons. The Demon continent is like any human continent. Just like the humans, there are several kinds of demons. There are the battle-type demons, such as warriors or soldiers, the military-types, who advise the nine Grand Dukes, and finally the domestic type. Because each of the Grand Dukes are equivalent to a human king, and possess large amounts of territory, there are a large number of demons that manage domestic affairs. An example would a demon who likes to make all kinds of potions, what the humans would call an Alchemist.”

Listening to this, Longwei was very surprised. He always thought the demons were a bunch of maniacs who only believed in destruction and did not expect them to have the same kinds of systems as the humans.

Seeing the dumbfounded look on Longwei's face, Anastassia continued to explain more about the demons.

"Just like the humans, demons need to eat and live in the Demon continent. We have palaces, houses, restaurants, and inns just like humans. We even have a currency in the Demon continent."

Longwei just blanked for a brief second after listening to Anastassia words. He would have never guessed that the demons also lived like that.

'I guess I'm going to have to make a trip to the Demon continent once I’ve stabilized things here a little," thought Longwei. He started to form a plan in his mind, as he has become curious about the Demon continent. 

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