Chapter 6 - Reunion at Shu Lake | Page 6
Good morning Patrons!

Here is the final version of page 6! Hope you all had a good weekend.
After 2,400 miles of driving and 8 consecutive days spent around family, I'm finally back! As great as that trip was, it feels good to dive back into my normal routine. 
I have to give major props to my brother and my parents for graciously allowing my time to work on this page while we were all visiting for the holidays. One of the benefits of the laptop rig, I can draw Little Guardians anywhere. Including hotel rooms and while visiting relatives. Don't worry, they were busy having a Harry Potter movie marathon so I was not missing out on vital family interaction. Plus, I could see the TV from where I was working. :)

Again, I'm glad to be back. Thank you for reading!