Chapter 6: Resurrect Me
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Alex had improved with his ability to dig through the riddles. Once the golden pendant of alphabet “L” dropped from the eagle’s neck, rest was easy; he captured “I” from the centre of a huge windmill; “F” from a strip club logo and “E” was found floating in a pond under a lid of green mosses. He had to dive in the shallow looking waters to make his way to “E” but not only the alphabet sensed being caught; Alex was forced to be drowned along it which continued to swirl him back into the rolling cave between dreams and reality. And he was finally awake to his breathing life like a pin drops on gravity.

Alex flapped his lashes repeatedly; his head spun like the cave of vertigo swirled him, yet he pushed his elbows on the hard leather where he was laying, and supported himself up to a half sitting position. The first face he could see was of Christy who sat in front of him; chained in tubes and wires of breath sucking technology; chips attached on her both temples; slowly penetrated their dread through veins of her lively face.

“Oh… Christy” something broke in his heart to see her pale petite presence in the gripping tentacles of that suffocating room. Hearing his voice, she weakly raised head and looked right through him; then parted her dry shut lips to stretch voice out of her throat

“Say no useless word” she warned nearly in whisper and as she did, the beep of machines around her grew faster. She made no further effort to speak again and dropped her head and went quiet.

So they had captured her too? Had she been wandering into dreams to find meaningful and decoding alphabets like him? Why would she suffer, wasn’t she the beloved daughter of the man responsible for all of this mess? Piles of questions were of no worth there; they had no answers to engulf. Alex rolled eyes in all dimensions and realized that he wasn’t alone with Christy in the room. There was an old man and a child as well who were placed at the opposite corners of the room; both attached to same dangerous looking big computers and wires stuck into their skins like Christy and himself.

Alex tried to recognize the old man and the young child but it seemed that neither he nor they were familiar of each other; they weren’t interested to be familiar as well. Their thin shirts and trousers barely hid bodies. Their bones could be touched and counted under their pale shrunk skin.

Alex tried to get up further by wiggling towards them to make them attentive to his questioning gestures but his feeble muscles only protested along a heavy movement in his pocket. He exhaled air through lungs in a sluggish manner and threw back his head to rest over his victimizing seat. After a couple of moments, he crept hands towards his pocket to touch the weight. Following the act, his pupils dilated and stared at the grey ceiling in an alarmed fashion. Threat wasn’t on the ceiling but in his pocket_ a gun! Why! Was it loaded?

Lines appeared on his forehead but he had this much control to hide his spontaneous response from others; he didn’t show any unusual movement nor did he try to bring it out in front of Christy or the two strangers. His curiosity to know whether it was loaded or not, stayed buried in his heart along his rising pulse.

The room was lined with metallic grey bars of shiny iron; small blocks of space were found at the top of each wall to bring in some air, sunlight or anything necessary to pretend some humanity; and most importantly there was no door anywhere. If there was one, it was invisible and undistinguished to their eyes. The air was cool and turning his finger tips cold as well as his nose tip; but the feeling of cold was numb like his vision blurred after small intervals of forceful thinking. He felt his senses breaking apart from the scene; sometimes he could no longer realize the presence of Christ and other two strangers; till he shook his head and looked around at them again. What were the computers extracting out of them? Once he tried to dispatch the chips from his temples but as he tried, he felt their connections deep inside somewhere that made him put back his arms along a suppressed sigh in pain. The wires weren’t long enough to encourage his efforts to getup or move around in the room. All he could do was either sit up or lay down; well, so he preferred to keep lying and wait for his fate. His energy kept lowering down with passing moments and his motor response system seemed to have entangled by the atmosphere of the creepy room.

Just when Alex was continuing to go deeper into dizziness, a sharp sound of door creaking made him force open his lids. He looked up at Christy and found her looking at him with some anxiousness; right then a shadow appeared from his side and showed its solid presence to him. Seeing him, Alex’s all feebleness was washed away; it was David Block, the bastard himself.

Christy closed bent her legs as if scared and shrinking in herself; the old man turned his old head further lowered and the kid moved more towards the wall corner, frightened. David Block ignored the three of them and focused at Alex’s silent face that grew stiff with hatred.

“Whoever among all of you has the gun…” David Block started to speak in his heavy pitch voice, “I know one of you have it… I will not repeat myself. Show up! Whoever has it must kill to get out of here.”

Alex blinked lashes, blood drained away from his face making it paler than before. Christy kept staring at him like she knew him having the gun from the start. As they met eyes, David Block laughed wickedly

“Now that’s the part of the game, no? Lovers have always died in such stories of sacrifice.” Satan shone in his eyes as he spoke, “But one must get out of here, kill three… except me, ha-ha!”

Saying those soul-shaking words, he turned and pretended to wait for gun fires by pushing fingers in his ears like a kid.

What the…

Alex, bit his lower lip; felt his breath running away from him whereas Christy continuously watched him as if waiting for his response.

He again met eyes with her, rubbed his ice cold palms together and crept one hand towards his pocket, kept it over the gun from over trouser and tried to whisper broken phrases: “Christy… I… no… gun… you… kill… no… no…”

“Yes, us… me, him and him” Christy secretly tried to express him her thoughts. It was clear that she wanted him to kill her with the both strangers.

Was this even possible?


A frightened tremble ran down his spinal as he thought of pulling the trigger on three of them, just for his own freedom. The grabbed the gun from over his shirt very tightly to keep his overwhelming horror under control.

“Do it.” Christy’s repressed voice again reached his ear. The old man and the kid also had started to look at them; the little boy was shivering with his eyes full of tears and helplessness.

“No!” Alex’s whisper turned into a hysterical voice coming through his lungs with force. The refusal sounded strong enough; David Block pulled out fingers from his ears and without turning threw some more words at them:

“Is there to be four tombs… I thought three” Saying this, he calmly pulled out a golden small hand gun from his own pocket and teasingly started playing with it without turning back towards the scared captives.

For a moment, Alex craved to scream abuses at David Block in hysteria and helplessness but Christy’s continuous interference kept him from doing so.

“Make it three, Alex” Christy sobbed’ “You can’t save us.”

“I’ll kill him instead” Alex pulled out the gun from his pocket and pointed it towards David Block.

“No!” Christy screamed and the little boy started wailing in loud voice for help. Following the noise at his back, David Block started whistling carelessly as if he was deaf to the captive’s deadly tension.

Right then, three more men in suits came in the room from the walls. They all pointed guns towards Alex to prevent him from pulling trigger towards David Block. Alex’s hand shivered in utter panic and lost its energy; resulted into the gun fallen down in his own lap. He stared at the gun while his vision blurred due to warm tears in his eyes.

“No… No…” He whispered under lips, his ears stopped listening to all the shouts and noises and laughter.

He slowly picked up the gun, in a robotic manner, and directed the gun mouth towards his own face.

But… the trigger was pulled… Bang!

Before passing out, he saw Christy hysterically creeping towards him to stop him and the metallic walls started to rupture apart like an old cloth tears.

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