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Chapter 6, page 13
Hello! Here's today's page! Fun fact: the mask bits on Hawk's face in panels 7 and 8 weren't supposed to be so prominent--I meant to make it harder to see exactly what they were. But then I accidentally drew them onto the lineart layer and didn't have enough save states to undo them all. :) :) :) so  I ran with it.

This is another one of those pages where I gotta make big decisions about how much exactly to describe in the text. In this case it's over the scars on Yoshi's shoulders. If they're noticed, I think it gives the viewer a little more context for some things that happen later on. If they're not, that's fine too, and they're not the focus here, so I didn't point them out in the text. I want the art to carry more than the text does!

Anyway, thanks y'all! Tape Hiss should be going up later this week. I'm finally doing the animals one.