Chapter 96 - It's Fine as Long as There are People More Unfortunate Than Me...

Han Dan cocked his head in puzzlement. He looked around him and counted over and over again. The number was correct, so what did Bei Feng mean? 

"All my men are here... there's no one missing," Han Dan confirmed. 

Bei Feng took a flashlight and shone it at the corner of the wall where a group of men lay sleeping, "Who are they if they're not your guys?" 

"Good grief, who the hell are these people?!" 

He Jiawei took one look at them and instantly realized that they had fallen victim to the sleeping gas. They were snoring like pigs and would not be awoken even if a thunderclap sounded right beside them! 

"Those guys are not with me... perhaps they've also set their sights on your cauldron and were all hit by the sleeping gas through pure bad luck?" 

He Jiawei had a shocked expression on his face. Could this be considered as him giving Bei Feng some help? 

Bei Feng was also rather speechless. Why did everyone become so  perceptive all of a sudden these days? Is their eyesight that formidable? That cauldron had only arrived for such a short time and three people were already eyeing it! 

"I don't care if they're with you or not," Bei Feng massaged his temples in annoyance. "You will bring them away with you. Other than that, the sleeping incense you guys used was pretty good. How much do you have on you now? Take everything out yourself!" 

Bei Feng did not intend to let those guys spend the night in his yard. Since he happened to have some free laborers right now, he might as well make use of them. Also, he recalled the powerful sleeping gas used by these fellows. If he hadn't had his constitution improved thanks to the venom wine, he might even have fallen victim to it as well. 

Even a strong elephant like Bai Xiang was completely knocked out by it! 


He Jiawei felt like giving himself a tight slap at that moment. Who asked him to be so talkative! This time, he finally caused Bei Feng to remember about his sleeping incense. 

"No more, there's no more!" 

He Jiawei shook his head rapidly as he held onto the jar on his waist for dear life. 

The corners of Han Dan's eyes twitched violently. Was this guy an idiot? Wasn't this panicky act akin to telling the Bei Feng that the sleeping incense was on him? 

"Come, take it out yourself alright? Even I am a little scared when I beat people up." 

Bei Feng was properly amused as he looked at the theatrical behavior of He Jiawei. He stretched his hand palms upwards with a slight smile on his face. 

Reluctance and heartache was written all over He Jiawei's cramped face. This was an extra strong version of the sleeping incense which was made with materials he had gone to great troubles to find. The crazy price was one thing, but the most important part was the rare main ingredient! 

After a long struggle, He Jiawei still gave in to the uncompromising look on Bei Feng's face, finally being subdued by his  dominance! 

Bei Feng nodded in satisfaction as he held the jar in one hand and clapped He Jiawei on the shoulder with the other. "Not bad, little fellow. You're able to rise and bow as the situation deems. I expect great things from you!" 

He Jiawei grimaced in pain from the clap. It was like a bear had just swiped its paws on his shoulders, bringing a dull numbness which  caused him to stumble forward a few steps. 

"En, good. Bring all these people along and you're free to go. Right, how long will it take for those hit by the sleeping gas to awaken?" 

Bei Feng asked with disinterest. He didn't seem to indicate any interest as to the origins of this other group of people at all. 

He Jiawei was so full of grievances he was about to cry. Even so, he didn't dare to further incur the wrath of this smiling devil, and could only take out his emotions on those sleeping intruders. 

"An entire day, at least. Within that time, they won't be awoken easily even if a thunderclap sounded right next to them. Other than that, there won't be any side effects." 

He Jiawei reported truthfully before calling five men over to drag the sleeping beauties out. 

That's right, drag. The group was so full of pent up stress that they simply grabbed the extra 'burden', one person holding onto one leg with the body dragging behind them, like a garbage bag! 


The unlucky devil behind He Jiawei had his head knocked against the threshold as He Jiawei stepped through the main door. 

As though they were fleeing from a haunted mansion, the group of ragtag tomb raiders quickly disappeared from Bei Feng's line of sight. As for the ghost of the mansion himself, Bei Feng simply lifted up the heavy cauldron with a single hand and carried it back to its original position while whistling an eerie small tune. 

Thereafter, he returned back to his room and lay down like nothing had happened. 

Although those people had come after his cauldron, they had no other malicious intentions and at least seemed to have decent morals. Thus, he did not bother to pursue the matter. 

After all, Bei Feng was not such a sick individual as to resort to torture and murder on a whim. 

Of course, this did not mean that he did not have a temper. If those people dared to return, Bei Feng would naturally not mind teaching them an unforgettable and painful lesson! 

Han Dan and the rest were traversing along the dried mud path with slightly pale faces. Although they were towing a few people them, their speed was not slack at all! The group had received quite a scare. 

Only when they reached Qing Ling Village and got into the minivans did they finally manage to breathe aloud in relief. They resolved that they would never go back to that accursed mansion ever again.  "Boss, what should we do with these people?" At that moment, one of the men looked at the overloaded minivan and asked. 

"Forget that, let's drive first!" 

Han Dan had a bellyful of fire, but did not vent it on others. His tone was the same as his name. [1] 

The minivan they were in had been specially modified just for this mission. The back part was completely torn out so as to make space for the cauldron after they retrieved it. 

But now, not only had they not obtained the cauldron, the back part was occupied by a bunch of muddy humans who were stacked up in a pile. 

The guy who asked the question quickly shut up after sensing the mood Han Dan was in. Although Han Dan had not exploded yet, he didn't want to be the unlucky guy to trigger this volcano. 

Two minivans departed from Qing Ling Village in great hurry, roaring and screeching as they shot through the twisting mountain roads, their speed not decreasing in the slightest even as they rounded the sharp corners. 

"Wait, stop the van!" 

Han Dan who was seated on the passenger seat suddenly spoke. 


The minivan came to a forceful, screeching halt with an ear-piercing sharp noise as the car skidded along the road for a short  distance. 

The driver looked uncertainly at Han Dan, not sure of the reason for stopping in the middle of nowhere. 

"Strip these six fools and throw them off here." 

Han Dan pointed frostily at the pile of people at the back of the minivan. 

The driver stared blankly back at Han Dan for a moment before coming to his senses. Quickly getting out of the minivan, he called over the men from the other minivan for help. 

Very quickly, Shuge and the rest were stripped down to their underwear. The skin of their exposed backs showed clear signs of peeling and brutal scrapes, along with the terrible bruises on their heads and body--it was all a result of being dragged for such a long distance on  the unpaved road from Bei Feng's mansion all the way to the village! Their clothes were gathered together and burned until they became unrecognizable ashes. 

After chucking the six men down the slope, the mood of the men was greatly improved as they returned to the minivan. 

Humans were all like this. No matter how down on luck they were, as long as they saw someone in a more unfortunate state than them, they would feel much better themselves. 

The slope was not very high, and Shuge and the rest rolled like rag dolls as they bounced uncontrollably all the way to the bottom, still deep asleep with not even a tiny twitch of their fingers. 

Bei Feng woke up early the next morning and had just returned from his morning practice on the mountain when he realized that the  mansion was in an oddly quiet state. It was only then that he remembered that Mystic One and the rest had all been hit by the sleeping gas last night. 

Shaking his head, he went into one of the rooms and came out with a bowl of venom wine. Pinching the noses of each individual, he forcefully fed a mouthful of venom wine to them. 

"Huu, what a comfortable sleep!" 

Not even two minutes passed before Bai Xiang and the rest woke  up. Mystic Two wiped the saliva off his cheek and yawned lazily as he  stretched in a satisfied manner. 

But soon, he felt that something was not quite right. What the hell was boss doing in front of his bed? Wait, what the hell happened to the bed? Mystic Two realized that he was lying on the cold ground of the yard and was growing more mystified with every second. 

"With your level of awareness, you probably wouldn't know how you died... not even once you became a ghost!" 

Bei Feng pursed his lips speechlessly as he looked at the four confused sleepyheads. 

The four cleared their throats awkwardly as they listened gloomily to Bei Feng's lecture. 

"Alright, try to be more alert next time. Go and make some breakfast." 

Bei Feng rebuked the four for a few minutes before sending them off. He believed that the lesson this time should be sufficient. 

As he stepped into the house, Bei Feng felt like he had forgotten  something. "I think I'm forgetting something..." he fondled his chin and sat down in puzzlement. "Right, where's Insatiable and Black Hole?!" 

Bei Feng finally remembered the two little wolfdogs after noticing the lack of the noise made by the mischievous pups.