Chapter Bonus
Had a super awesome writing week, and I want to celebrate!

First though is the reason why I'm happy:

I received the first copies of my full-length novel in the mail (squeee!), and typed "the end" on my second full length novel (sequel to the first). So, a double reason to be happy, book two's been a long time in the works and it's awesome to be able to start editing (yes, sometimes I do like editing...).

So, in celebration, here is the third chapter of "The Kelpie and The Lady" as a free PDF bonus

Now, chapter four will be coming out next week and I need some direction. If you read chapter three, let me know which of these options you would like to see being built toward. :)

a. successful escape but have to take to the mountains as fugitives

b. botched escape, runs off with Mary has to rescue her parents later

c. has to carry them off from the town jail or from execution

d. successful escape, and heads for Etheliel's keep to ambush the besieging force