Chapter I: "Golden Soil" now available and Patreon page relaunched!

Dear Patreons, 

It's time! The first chapter of "Dreams of the Dying" is finally available. To all my German readers - the translation of Chapter 1 releases February 15, alongside Chapter 2. 

Admittedly, I'm a bit nervous - I've been working on this for eight months now, and it's probably one of my most personal projects so far. 

I also relaunched my Patreon page, including reward tiers that give you some value in return other than the novel itself. I hope you like them, and if you don't, please let me know. To all existing Patreons: I'll figure out a way to automatically transfer you into the corresponding tier tomorrow or later tonight — long day. 

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to all my Patreons who supported me without any kind of compensation. I hope the wait for Forgotten Stories and the novel was worth it.

Let me know what you think of the Chapter! This isn't just a figure of speech - I'm genuinely curious.  Also, please spread the word if you liked this! :)

  • PDF attached!
  • E-Pub coming soon!
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