Chapter LIV
“Tiresias said, ‘We’ve journeyed through eight circuits,
eight rings of hell reserved for Satan’s fall.
One ring remains for him, to rue them all,
a realm of treacherous ice—so fetch your surcoat.

‘Treacherous ice, befitting famous traitors:
cold-hearted Cain, who slew his brother Abel;
and Judas, whom Christ fingered at His table.

‘And Lucifer—for there can be none greater,
than Lightbringer, betrayer of Jehovah,
who first gave fire to man—wait, that’s Prometheus.
Was it Pandora’s box? That would be easiest.
No. Oh, the forbidden fruit turn-over!

‘Lucifer tempted Eve, who tempted Adam.
Thus our primeval parents fell in tandem.’”