The Traveler paused, grumbling, “My shake has melted.”

Our nude ignored him, saying, “I’ve been waiting
for this reveal: Hello, my name is Satan!”
He shook my hand and said, “Now that that’s settled,
I’ll take the tale from here, if you don’t mind.”

The Traveler said, “Wait! They all said, ‘It’s genius!’
if you'll recall: ‘We scientists, between us,
have not seen an invention of its kind!’”

Satan smiled, said, “There were parts left over,
which they assembled neatly in a crate,
checked one last time, and gave to me as freight.
I took a look, then bolted down the cover,
and told the shades, ‘I’m outta here, my erstwhile
cellmates. This guy’s ending my long exile!’”