Chapter One
It started with one word and ended with one phrase. But that's how any relationship starts. How it ends is entirely up to the people involved.

Her name was Frances Vita but everyone called her Frankie instead. She wasn't a very social person. Her dark makeup and charcoal hair matched with how she felt her soul looked like.However, her pale skin contrasted that. She was petite with a slender hourglass figure. Her small mouth rarely smiled and her short hair was just enough to hide her small frame of a face.

The love of her life was different. She had the rosiest cheeks everyone has ever seen and the deepest blue eyes to ever have been imagined. Her tan skin contrasted against her dark blonde hair and she was said to be a big mouth because her face was always lit up with her infectious smile. Her smile shined because her teeth always showed, giving it a warm and loving aura. Her name was Tamantha Frigus but everyone called her Tommie. 

Frankie hated it so much because Tommie could make her smile no matter what. All Tommie had to do was breathe and Frankie lit up like a Christmas tree. Initially, Frankie rejected Tommie's offer for a date but that didn't stop the smiling queen. After a mouth, Frankie finally agreed and never looked back. However, despite being polar opposites, they did have something in common: their conception of love. They didn't love each other. They weren't in love with each other. But they were the loves of their lives. That probably didn't make any sense but their reasons for this was very different.

Frankie just didn't believe in love. Tommie never got far enough to experience it before.