Chapter Progress
As of 21 June 2017:
  • Going Down Swinging - Chapter 3 - 30% done. 
  • Unto The Breach  -  Chapter 10  -  10% done. 
  • Peroxide  -  Chapter 1  -  5% done.
  • Unto The Breach  -  Chapter 11 - 0% done.
  • No Two Snowflakes  -  Chapter 2  -  20% done. 

My apologies again for my long absence, and the slow rate of updates in general. I'm working on several fics, in addition to other projects, and there are only so many hours in the day.

I also happen to be job-hunting (while still employed this time, fortunately), so if you know of any Technical Writing jobs in the Austin, TX area or that I can telecommute…let me know?

If you'd like to chat with me, you can pop into my Discord server for at
Everyone is welcome, though Patrons have a reward role and private channel!