Chapter Seven~The Nanny~
~Ring ring ~ The phone rings, Mona reached out to the night stand thinking there was a phone ringing from the stand. Mona got up and looked around. The phone was still ringing. "Where is that coming from?" Mona walks around the room. Then she remembered the bag that Ivan's assistant had given her that day. The ringing stops. After a few seconds, it starts ringing again. Mona opens the bag and see a box inside. "Is this a phone?" Mona wonders. Mona opens the box and see it was the latest model phone on the market. The phone was still ringing. Mona slides the answer bar over to answer the call. "Hello?" A loud voice shouts. "It's about time you pick up the phone!" Mona stutters. "I..Ivan?" Mona walks over to the bed with the phone in her hand. "Hey, meet me at the cafe around the corner of the building we bumped into the other day." Mona pauses. "Ok" then hangs up the phone while walking over to the window and she starts leaning against the window seal. She looks out to see what kind of weather it is. It's so nice out. Mona rubs her eyes and then looks at her phone. "Why did he give me a phone?" Mona thinks. Mona walks to the bathroom to get ready to meet Ivan. At the coffee shop Mona sits patiently waiting for Ivan. "What am I doing here?" Why am I waiting for this guy?" Mona thinks to herself. Mona gets up from her seat and she can see through the glass window, that Ivan had just pulled up in his car. Ivan heads over to the cafe and Mona quickly sits back down. "Hey, have you been waiting long?" Mona shook her head and looks down to the table.        The barista comes over to see what Ivan wanted. Before she can let a word out, she realize who it was. "I..Ivan Kim?" The girl lets out a gasp. "You're that ce..celebrity!" The girl screams. Ivan looks up and whispers "keep it down." The girl covers her mouth. "Oh my god!" She quickly runs to the back where her locker was and took her phone out. After grabbing her cellphone, she heads back over to the table. "Ca...can you take a picture with me please? Just one will do." The girl stutters. Ivan lets out an annoyed sigh. "Ok, just one. I'm trying to talk to my friend here." Ivan and the girl took a picture together and the girl starts looking through her phone and starts admiring the picture. Then see Mona and Ivan together, she decides to snap a picture of them together.        "I'm sorry to keep you waiting so long." Ivan turns back to face Mona. Mona shook her head and then looks at Ivan. "It's ok" then Mona looks slightly away from Ivan. "W..why did you give me a phone? It's too expensive. I can't keep it." Mona takes then phone out of her pocket and slides it over to Ivan. "Here, take it back." Mona gets up. "I think I should go now. It was nice meeting you." Mona bowed at Ivan and started to head out the cafe. Ivan gets up and blocks Mona by standing in front of her. "Don't go. Why do you always seem to have to leave every time you see me? You know how hard it is to find you?" Ivan reaches his hand out and hands the phone back to Mona. "Please keep this so I know I can find you." Mona lets out a soft sigh. "But why are you trying to find me?" Ivan paused, speechless he did not have an answer to Mona's question. In a 4,000sq ft grand house, Ivan walks around holding a cup of coffee thinking back at what Mona had asked him. {Why do you need to find me?} He questions himself. "Why do I have to find her?" Ivan takes a sip of his coffee and walks over to the couch. Grabs the remote and turns on the TV. Flipping through channels, one caught his eye. It was the media talking about Ivan being spotting with a girl in public. Without noticing, he accidentally burns his lips with his coffee. Then he quickly puts his coffee down and dialed his phone to call his assistant. "Did you see what was on TV?" Ivan shouts over the phone.  "No sir." He quickly turns on the TV. "Don't worry sir, i will take care of this right away." They both hung up the phone and the assistant starts calling every news media to shut down the news. Then Ivan's manager called him. "What the hell is all that? Who is this girl they are talking about?" Ivan brings the phone away from his ear because the manager was screaming so loud. Ivan hurried and answered without thinking. "Shes the new nanny i just hired!"