Chapter Three Free Preview

Jason Scott could hardly look at any of his teammates as they all stood outside of the office that was being used as a makeshift holding cell. Within, he could see the figure that had single handedly killed or injured several of his coworkers; highly trained privatized security personnel, many of whom had survived combat deployments. Scott had never seen combat prior to this night, and given his experience, he was reconsidering his life choices heavily.

The young man was painfully aware of just how badly he’d blown it. He’d replayed the scenario over and over for what seemed like hours, though his watch had ticked away only about twenty minutes. It was to the point where his memory had become rather jumbled on the chain of events. In some versions of what had happened (or what he’d wished had happened, as he couldn’t really tell the difference anymore), he’d managed to squeeze off a few rounds as he leaned over the ledge while his target ran across the rooftop below. In other versions, he’d curled up in a little ball and prayed to whatever power was out there that he’d be a better person if only he’d be allowed to live.

Obviously, he was still alive. Now came the unhealthy examination of whether or not he deserved to be.

He shook his head in disgust at himself and looked back into the room at the man seated at the head of the conference table. His hands were cuffed with a zip tie behind his back, and his head was down. He’d been stripped of all weapons, and even double-checked for anything hidden. The security forces weren’t completely stupid, after all. His head was slumped down, but his eyes appeared to be open. And Scott was almost certain the stranger was observing everything around him even right now.

Jason shuddered and averted his eyes. Their employer was on his way. McGovern would make the call. It wasn’t unheard of to get rid of bodies in this town, nor was it particularly uncommon within his team. Jason had just never been privy to such practices before. But, he couldn’t imagine keeping such a dangerous man alive.