Chapter Three of Book Two of The Princess Tara Chronicles
Red Tara sat perched on the window sill of the history lecture hall window on the second floor of Denny Hall, open thanks to another gorgeous Seattle spring day. The students saw a strikingly colored red and green macaw parrot, with a pure white face scored with zebra stripes of tiny black feathers. Michael saw a stunning six foot tall red skinned Amazon goddess with four arms and a long bow slung over her shoulder. A red skinned Amazon goddess only partially clothed. In Michael’s defense, any red-blooded male history professor in similar straits would have difficulty concentrating on his lecture notes.
Tier Benefits
Pandemonium of Parrots
$50 or more per Novel
Just like a Murder of Crows or a Coven of Ravens a Pandemonium is the name for a flock of parrots, a nod to John Milton's capital of Hell. Join Princess Tara's Pandemonium and receive an autographed copy of each new book of the Princess Tara Chronicles. And Princess Tara will throw in one of her flight feathers which makes for a terrific bookmark.
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